What is the Best Reddit Essay Writing Service?

Most essay writing companies have their own websites, but the old-fashioned marketing and feedback just don't quite work as they used to. That's the reason why certain companies have taken up the trend of doing their job through "Reddit" - one of the largest, most versatile webpages ever.

Basically, Reddit features a plethora of sub-categories called "subreddits", which is where you'll find these guys - I'm here to introduce you to some of the most renowned paper writing services which earned their fame on Reddit, and share my opinions on how they operate.

Most Popular Essay Writing Services Subreddits

There are thousands and thousands of essay writing services from academic freelancers on Reddit, and the way "fame" and "renown" are earned is a bit peculiar. Namely, everyone is eligible to upvote or downvote a subreddit – these actions are intended to portray the liking or disliking of the post, rather than the content itself.

This might sound a bit contradictory, but nearly everything is subjective on Reddit – the voters are anonymous, and it's hard to say whether anything is fully legit if we take that into consideration. However, some companies have earned so much popularity that there's little room for doubt – let's see what they can offer you.


Website: https://www.reddit.com/r/DoMyHomework/
Status: Active

DoMyHomework is a pretty convenient subreddit. This is one of the few occasions where you can actually submit your new assignment right off the bat – there's a neat button prompt right below the search bar where you can either submit it or login.

Right below the subscription panel lie the rules of how Do My Homework works. They only ask what any other essay writing service would – you need to state your wordcount, brief description, and the deadline. They also recommend describing the assignment in as much detail as possible, and advise you against providing contact information so as to erase any form of suspicion should anything go awry.


Website: https://www.reddit.com/r/HomeworkHelp/
Status: Active

HomeworkHelp subreddit actually intends to help you with your homework rather than do it for you. It's quite a rarity to see someone who shows inclinations towards helping others for free, especially online. Be it as it may, this particular helping subreddit intends to help students with their homework assignments, leaving out the paid services (they rule out this possibility entirely).

They've provided some generic examples of how your posts should look like, but it's funny that they ask of you to try Google before posting. Anyhow, they pitched in a link to the citation questions should you need it, for anything else you should contact them.


Website: https://www.reddit.com/r/PaperMarket/
Status: Active

Now, the Paper Market resembles an actual online market where the only trade you can make concerns papers. The posts are quite random and consist mainly of people's requests concerning everything and anything that comes to mind – Greek literature, audio lectures, film essays on post human movies, just name it.

I found this subreddit as intriguing, to say the least. There's plenty of information, and these guys went an extra mile with their recommendations for students. These recommendations are guidelines for people who never used their writing services, I presume, but they'll also help you find your way around Reddit.


Website: https://www.reddit.com/r/ThePaperBay/
Status: Active

The Paper Bay subreddit was made by Prescott Papers. Apparently, they wanted to use the Reddit platform to reach out to more people. There are plenty of topics to go about, most of which are upvoted.

The information they provided is pretty well-organized and in abundance, and the overall concept of the subreddit is quite neat. Make sure to check out their "Meta" post, else you might get lost in the numerous smaller posts before you find what you were after.

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Any Reddit Essay Writing Services?

Even though there's a plethora of essay writing services on Reddit, I've handpicked several which are the most active and notable. Some of these guys have their own subreddits while others simply contact the students who ask for help in the comments section. Let's see what are the best Reddit essay writing services:


In my Abraham Essays reviews, I'd like to point out the tenacity of this company. They feature a plethora of subreddits which mainly concern self-promoting posts, but they seem to be quite good. People have heard and come to like them, and as you can see, the majority of their posts are upvoted.


The PrincetonEssays.org review should give you the heads up about this company – it seems to be inactive at the moment, but they've acclaimed massive fame in short notice, so they're certainly worth giving a shot.


Prescott Papers are best characterized with controversial, highly expensive writing services – that would best describe them in a nutshell. However, if you need more details on how they work, make sure to check out my Prescott Papers review. Most students seem to like them, and, given that the majority of Reddit population is comprised of them, it's safe to say that they're quite legit on this platform.


Essay Crate was made by a team of people who used to work for Prescott Papers. However, they appear to have abandoned the site, as they make presence quite seldom. When they did work, however, their reviews were mediocre at best – they tend to be active on Reddit, though, as Paper Bay promotes them right alongside Prescott Papers. Check out the EssayCrate review on Reddit for more information.

Reddit Hacks for Freelancers: Write Essays for Money

Besides being one of the top aggregator sites for sharing all sorts of cool information, Reddit is also a great place for promoting one's goods and services. If you're a freelancer and you're looking to expand your client base beyond the usual job listing sites, Reddit can be your true salvation.

In fact, many students turn to this site and post ads via subreddits, hoping to find quality academic services at affordable rates. Students create them for Reddit essay help, especially when they want to save time or it's simply impossible to complete a paper assignment without the help of a qualified professional.

Hundreds of freelance writers grab this opportunity to help students. At the same time, this allows them to earn money on the side. You can even ask for recommendations and tips from fellow writers!

Pay for Essay on Reddit: Pointers to Keep in Mind

Indeed, Reddit is a great place for students in need of academic assistance. Heck, you can even pay someone to take online class for you at an affordable price! Also, if you don't mind paying someone to write essay for you, there's no doubt you can find a bunch of reputable freelance writers on subreddits.

But before I ask someone to write my essay, I always take note of a few important things. For example, if confidentiality is one of your main concerns, hiring a Reddit essay writer might not be the best option as most of them ask to be paid upfront, usually via PayPal. This means that they'll get to see your personal information, which isn't exactly a recipe for anonymity.

On the upside, Reddit is chock-full of services available at your disposal, so finding one that best suits your needs won't be too difficult.

What's more, the Reddit community is very active at providing reviews and recommendations so I highly encourage you to check out the various subreddits for essay writing help. At the same time, I take part in discussions and provide feedback based on my personal experience working with Reddit writers who do my assignment in my behalf. In a way, this allows me to help fellow students make the right choice because they’ll know which freelancers to trust and which ones to avoid.

Final Words

There's a plethora of EWS companies on Reddit, and it's really hard to say how many of them are legit, to say in truth. Most of them spam self-marketing posts, and nearly all of them urge you to try their services out, or at least check out their main page, which is quite normal, I presume.

What's more, Reddit doesn't feature mechanisms that will annul dead posts or ban inactive members (companies), which only made the job of finding a legit one harder.

Whenever I stumbled upon a good post relating to a potentially legit company, I found out that it was either outdated or simply “downvoted” to the point where it was practically impossible for people to find it without spending hours of devoted research.

Luckily, I've had both luck and plenty of time to sift through a couple of hundreds of posts, so I managed to dig up a couple of legit companies. If you're interested in finding more about them, by all means, check out my reviews in the sections above.

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