Ultimate List of Fake Essay Writing Service Reviews Websites

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When I first started to take inventory of the most popular essay writing services and review websites, I realized I can't seem to differentiate between the truth and a lie. Dozens, hundreds, thousands of websites... Over time, however, I figured out how the scam works. It's useful to read essay writing services reviews, but as a potential customer you can get screwed.

In this post, you'll find an overview of the most popular fraudulent essay review websites. In no way could they be called independent and impartial. At the same time, as mentioned in my previous article, even best essay companies often carry out aggressive and continuous marketing campaigns that imply the creation of review sites. That is, so called top rated services can indeed write high-quality academic works. But they bring new customers through deception.

What are signs of fraud?

In my opinion, essay writing service review website is fraudulent if

  • it's designed for driving traffic to websites owned by the same company

  • it posts fake negative reviews of competitors.

Thus, it doesn't matter whichever "top service" you choose. They're all the same.

illusion of choice picture

Here we go!


Another fake review site associated with EssayShark, Bid4Papers and CustomWritings services. Read more about their marketing strategy here. Owned by ONE Freelance Limited, they operate a large number of other sites that provide academic assistance to students. So-called top ranked essay sites Writing-Help.com, CheapEssaysOnline.com, IWantEssay.net, RapidEssay.com have the same order form.


Owned by Universal Research Inc., a company famous for papers reselling. Top rated essay writing services NinjaEssays.com, EssayMama.com, PapersGear.com, EssaysCapital.com, RushMyEssay.com, SuperiorPapers.com, AustralianWritings.com, RushEssay.com, AssignmentMasters.co.uk, EssayOnTime.com have the same order form. If you are interested in knowing about the quality of services of this company (and it is not the best), I advise you to read my investigation about BestEssays.com, their most popular website.


Another fake site owned by Universal Research Inc. As in the previous case, they create imaginary ratings and encourage students to order essays at so-called "legit" services EssayMama.com, College-Paper.org, XpertWriters.com. This is one big lie.


Another site that joined the list of liars. What is common between their "top essay services" EssayCaptains.com, Rospher.com, American-Writers.org, WriteWersity.com, EssayAcademia.com? The same approach to registration, after which the student will be able to specify the requirements for the essay.


Awriter.org drives traffic to College-Paper.org, BestEssayTips.com, ProEssayWriting.com, Easy-Essay.org, A-Writer.com. What do we know about College-Paper.org? Owned by Universal Research Inc.


A quick glance will convince many that this list of the “best writing service reviews” is legit since, after all, it's on Google Sites. But if you're smart enough and do thorough research, you'll know this is another cheap trick done by a fraud because EssayExpert.us, EssaysMaster.com, and CustomThesis.org share the same order form and are therefore owned by a single company!

College-Paper-Writing-Service.Reviews & Best-Essay-Writing.Services

The list of fakers is endless, we could almost smell the sham from a thousand miles away! Making it to our list of infamous frauds are yet another bunch of review sites owned by Universal Research Inc.

From the first review site, you can observe that their top 7 writing service sites – College-Paper.org, NinjaEssays.com, XpertWriters.com, PapersGear.com, RushMyEssay.com, SuperiorPapers.com, and BestEssays.com – share the same registration process, which could only mean one thing: all of them are under a single company. The same can be said for the second review site, whose top 5 picks are also similar to the first site. We're almost sick and tired to say it's fake, as well!


Encourages students to visit the essay services that you have already heard about: College-Paper.org, BestEssays.com, SuperiorPapers.com. Another fraud on the account of Universal Research Inc.


This site certainly made the effort to write pretty good reviews but the sad thing is, THEY'RE ALL FAKE. They tell us to "analyze", and analyze we did, and what we found out is that their top 3 service sites – RushMyEssay.com, EssayMama.com, and College-Paper.org – have the same ordering process that links all clients to a single company. As expected, this is yet another bogus by Universal Research Inc.

NetFix LLC sites

UPDATE: Oct 06, 2018
Not everything on the internet can be trusted. That’s why we conscientiously work towards providing ethical writing review services. However, gangsters in the industry such as NetFix LLC would do everything just to bring us down. They filed a DMCA complaint against us in 2017 but the truth prevailed in the end. After months, they are now back on track and are planning to get rid of IHateWritingEssays once again. I am doing everything for the public to see the truth and still be able to read the honest reviews that I have written.


One of the most popular fraud essay services review website. I have a detailed blog post on this case. They write fake reviews and generate traffic to their money sites: TopEssayWriting.org, GrabMyEssay.com (read a detailed post about it), TrustMyPaper.com, PremierEssay.com, EssayThinker.com, etc. If you take the time to visit these sites, you will notice that they are almost identical. I also advise you to check the order forms. Are you surprised?


The ocean's fucking nuts, man. It seems that the owner of the site thinks students are morons. According to Mary Walton, all essay writing services are full of shit except BoomEssays.com, EssayRoo.com, UKWritings.com which by the way are affiliated with GrabMyEssay.com (developed by NetFix LLC).


Exactly the same as with SimpleGrad.com. All reviews are exceptionally bad, only BoomEssays.com, EssayRoo.com and UKWritings.com are good. That's absolute rubbish. It's created by NetFix LLC.


It's a shame to name an essay service review site that claims to be "rated by students" because this one is anything BUT. This site has long been associated with the likes of liars like TopWritersReview.com and GrabMyEssay.com, which by the way, is known for its long streak of unethical practices! This one made by NetFix LLC too.

BestBritishEssays.com, TopCanadianWriters.com, UKTopWriters.com, & TopAustralianWriters.com

While their target demographics are different, we all know by now that there's something notoriously similar about these writing service review sites. Yup, you guessed it right. The sites in their ratings share the same approach to registration, which means they're all fake reviews just seeking to encourage students to hire any of the companies under their wings: OxEssays.com, UKWritings.com, GradeOnFire.com, CanadianWritings.com, BoomEssays.com, X-Essays.com, EssayRoo.com, Australianhelp.com, and BigAssignments.com - owned by NetFix LLC scammers.

And which companies are they linked to? None other than the infamous TopWritersReview.com and GrabMyEssay.com. Yikes! There's just no end in sight to these companies that are just out to expand their network of lies!

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