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  • MY RATE: 4.3/5

  • PRICE FROM: $17.55
  • DISCOUNT: 5-10%
  • DEADLINE: 3 hours
  • PAYMENT: Visa, MC, AE, PayPal

Pen Service Overview

Pen Service is an essay writing company which offers you a chance to get your paper done, regardless of the skill level – business, academic, high-school, etc. They have more than 500 writers onboard (or so they say), and tens of thousands of submitted papers. Folks seem to like them, and their official webpage seems pretty neat, if plain in a sense.

At first sight, they seem like an average write my essay service – the graphics are quite basic, but simplicity is more than welcome when you want to get a clear picture of what's going on. Anyway, let's see what they're about and what they can offer you.

My Story

The truth is, I didn't find Pen Service – visitors of have recommended it to me through anonymous e-mails, asking that I make a review, so I did. These are some of the mails I've received:

One user asks for Pen Service review

"I was searching for a good company to hire a writer to do my paper so i stumbled on Pen Service. Can you do a quick review? They seem like a nice bunch."

Anonymous visitor

A student asks whether the company is reliable

"Last night my little brother bothered me to help him with some school work which made me remember that i actually had some papers that are due tomorrow! Can you help me find a reliable paper writing company fast? I hear PenCamp and EduBiride are good, but i don't really want to spend money on something if it will end up in a disaster."

Anonymous visitor

Another student also asks to analyze the service

"Hey, can you do a review on this service? Some folks back at campus are talking about it a lot and how they'll never have to do essays and papers ever again. Are they that good?"

Anonymous visitor

After thoughtful consideration of the many mails I've received, I wound up doing an actual review. Suffice to say, the students were right, and I can only say that my experience with them was very, very positive – my order was related to a relatively complex project based on my statistics classes, and this website delivered without fail.


The prices of Pen Service services are somewhat higher than average. The "content writing" starts at $18 per page, their "editing" services begin at $12, and "proofreading" at $10 (which I found as rather too high for my taste).

Anyhow, they offer a 5% (and sometimes 10%) discount for the first order, which is nice of them, but completely useless in a practical sense. If, for instance, you were to order a 6-page paper, that would total in $108, so your "discount" would be measly $5,4. If, on the other hand, you wanted to order an encyclopedia of 100 pages, the discount would have some value.

To get your first order discount, click the button below.



Knowing that they're prices are relatively high, it was only logical that my expectations were the same. If you'll take me up on my word, I was more than satisfied, and that comes from a very critical person, mind you.

Another peculiar thing about this company is that they regard a single page as 300 words instead of the standard 275, so that's actually a real bonus right there.


The only way of paying for your paper is via electronic credit cards – the big guys at Pen Service promise that they "neither collect nor store" the information therein, which is pretty nice. They're legally obliged to stand by everything that's stated on their official webpage, so you can rest assured that this is the so-called "secure payment", as well as the only method of paying for their services.

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Guarantees and Revisions

Money Back Guarantee

Pen's money back policy is quite fair, to be honest, although it might appear as strict until you've read it in its entirety. Basically, there are three situations in which you can be regarding the possible refund.

  • The first situation – your order is active but no writer was assigned. In this case, you'll get all the cash back with no questions asked. This, of course, pulls the cancelation of the order as a natural, logical consequence.
  • The second situation – your order is both active and the writer is assigned to it. You'll get up to 70% of money back if the half of the deadline hasn't passed, and up to 50% if it has.
  • The third situation – you've accidentally paid twice for your paper. You will be charged, of course, but you will get 100% money back in the shortest time possible.

For example, a bad format means up to 10% refund, grammar issues allow you to get back some 30% back, and if the instructions you provided were not followed, or even the content is plagiarized, you can get 100% money back.

Revision Policy

There's no conventional revision policy in the "terms and conditions" of Pen Service. Instead, there are cases where you're entitled to different variations of refunds in case there is something wrong with your order. revision policy details


Despite the fact that Pen Service appears a bit elusive (since you'll have to actually have an account to find any details which would be of use), there are quite a lot of things I liked about them. Such are:

  • Ability to choose a native writer. The Pen Service gives you the opportunity to choose your writer by language proficiency: native/fluent.
  • Attentive, rather professional approach. Their "elusiveness" is characterized by sheer professionalism, so you can rest assured that this is most certainly not a scam company.
  • Profound range of writing types and quality levels. Pen Service is among the most versatile essay companies out there.


  • Price. Truth be told, the only thing I didn't like about Pen Service is their pricing. They aren't expensive per se, but their services are most certainly not cheap. Further on that note, the discount they offer for the first order is entirely unnecessary and of little value.

My Verdict

Even though I went through a series of ups and downs when I made this review, I can finally and with clear conscience declare them as reliable and highly recommendable. Pen Service services might be a bit strict and pricey, but they're certainly worth the buck.

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