Why Do Students Cheat on Essay Wrtiting?

This article explores a little bit about cheating so that maybe you can understand how and why a student may cheat in order to get a better mark for an essay. It explains a little about cheating on essays too by using an essay writing service.

Is cheating really that rife?

Cheating is a big thing in education, where it faces many problems. For a starter, there is the fact that so many people cheat that the only way to stay on top is to cheat yourself. Add this to the fact that universities and colleges like it if you cheat because it makes them look good, whilst also having to make it appear as if they are doing all they can to fight cheating.

How universities try to solve the problem?

Cheating is a massive problem. Not only is it easier to do because there are so many people to monitor, it is also something that people are willing to give their meager life savings for.

That is why many universities has implemented a rule that says if you are caught cheating then you suffer a lifetime ban from education. It basically says that if you are caught then you end up in a factory for the rest of your life. However, if you do not score highly on your exams then you are going to end up in a factory all your life anyway, so many people think it is worth the risk.

But as a student, you're expected to uphold academic integrity. Universities have warned their students against using essay writing services because they're attempting to gain academic advantage by unfair or dishonest means. The worst-case scenario is that they might get caught committing plagiarism, a serious breach of academic integrity that puts them at risk of getting poor grades or worse, expulsion.

How do students cheat on essays?

It is pretty easy, since you are able to take the essay home and nobody monitors you to see if you are writing it yourself. The oldest trick in the book is to pay or bully the class nerd into writing it for you.

A classic text conversation about this is circulating the web virally now. It shows a text conversation between a boy and girl, where the girl asks the boy if he has done his homework. The guy says he is on it right now, and the girl replies by saying how hard it is and how late she is with it. The guy responds with a great, "Very few women ever text me, but when they do, they always seem to be behind on their homework."

Essay writing services

Calling the service an essay writing service used to be all hush-hush. People used to call them writing services or homework help services, but there is nothing illegal about these writing services so they are now simply called what they are called. You may want to read a blog about this industry in detail.

Google banned the advertising of these types of writing services in 2007, but it has not stopped thousands of them springing up and offering to write essays on behalf of students. They even offer confidentiality and original content so that the student may hand in the work as their own. All you need to do is pay attention to the choice of a safe writing company and everything will be fine.

There are indicators to let you know if an essay writing service is legitimate and safe to use. For one, they have professional writers who can write original content from scratch and in any writing style. Most importantly, they have plenty of positive feedback from customers who used their service. When buying a college paper, you only need to be smart with your choices to ensure you'll get what you need.

Do students really get away with this?

Of course they do. It is just as difficult to tell if a student has written an essay him or herself, as it is to know if the class nerd did it or if an essay writing service did it. Students are quite easily able to hand in the work of an essay writing service and get a passing grade. If the student is lucky, then he or she may find a good essay service that is able to help them get a higher grade.

Do essay writing services help illegal workers?

Yes they do. People from other countries will come over on a work visa, and will work illegally instead of studying. They get by in their studies by using their untaxed gains in order to buy essays.

Students that use essay services are never really found out, although foreigners tend to get caught slightly more because the essays they buy do not have broken English which does sometimes arouse suspicion. But, even then, most professors and assessors are not going to spend much time looking, as they will have trouble proving that the essay was not written by a conscientious foreigner.

Is this sort of cheating ever justified ethically?

Life is not fair, which is both a good and bad thing. It means that you can have two cars whilst your neighbors go hungry. It also means that you cannot control when bad things happen. You may become ill or suffer a family tragedy whilst trying to complete your studies. So the ethical side is a difficult question.

You may have a partner die or find out that your sister has been suffering abuse at the hands of your father. Or you are simple a fucking procrastinator who missed all possible academic deadlines. There are a whole host of reasons why studying is going to be the last thing on your mind. That is when essay writing services may help you to catch up to other students during a time when you find it extremely difficult to study in any way.


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