About IHateWritingEssays

One question that we kept getting asked was why we invested our time in creating a website that seems to help students find a "shortcut" towards academic success.

Like many of you here, we were also college students in desperate need of academic help to achieve our goals. We must admit, online essay writing services helped make our student life a whole lot easier.

Over the years, we've analyzed loads of different writing services - both good and bad - and realized it's an industry that could either make or break a student's success. In short, when hiring an essay writing service, you risk so much more than just money!
We've had first-hand experience on how this industry works. Knowing the highs and lows of it, we figured it won't hurt to help students find the ideal writing service to fit their needs and budget - and not get scammed in the process.

It's precisely because of this, that IHateWritingEssays was created. Share reviews about various essay writing services, while at the same time getting to know the views and opinions of our readers.

And if we don't share the same opinion, that's totally fine. Feel free to place a feedback under our posts. After all, we're real people here and we'd love to hear from you, our dear readers!

Our Team

David Anderson


David is the founder and creator of IHateWritingEssays. With extensive knowledge and experience in the custom essay writing service industry, David dedicates his passion towards helping students find a writing service they can truly rely on.

Carol Duke

Writer, Editor

Carol is the editor-in-chief for IHateWritingEssays. She's been working closely with David since the website's inception. Carol is in-charge of researching and analyzing the various writing services; and writing unbiased, evidence-based reviews.

Our Mission

To create a student-oriented online platform for dealing with the challenges of essay writing. Assisting students by providing solutions to help with their studies, through collecting various customer feedback and reviews on custom essay writing services, as well as offering academic tips and hacks on how to find a trusted writing service and avoid scams.

Our Methodology

Finding a reliable essay writing service isn't as easy as you may think. It requires significant amount of time and effort to review these services and determine whether or not they're worth your consideration.

1. Extensive online research

We scour the Internet to gather all the possible information we could find about a custom essay writing service.

2. Combine personal experience and views

We provide honest, no-holds-barred opinions, and will be unapologetic to scammers!

3. Gather feedback from customers

Collect, compare, and analyze hundreds of feedback and testimonials from verified clients, as well as writers who have worked for various services.

4. Forum discussion

Collect additional information from views and opinions shared by readers, and through various discussions in our online forum.

5. Final results

Once we collect and evaluate all the information, we lay out the final result and ratings in our site's blog section.

Personal Note from David Anderson

Alright, alright... I know some people find the word "hate" too strong a word. But hey, don't you abhor writing papers? Some ask you to do some bizarre things like:

  • Arguing whether the cat flea jumps higher than the dog flea
  • Finding out if woodpeckers get headaches from all the headbanging
  • Determining if sword swallowing is dangerous

I started this website for students like you. Those who would rather go out on a hot date than waste their lives struggling with Greek mythology. Those who don't want to know what word processing is or don't care about weird referencing styles. But usually, essays simply frighten the hell out of students.

But, in all honesty, I've never seen an essay writing service that is a charity. You have to pay for the goods. And this is where the problem starts. Con artists, liars, and downright incompetent writers are strewn all over sites claiming to offer quality papers.

The better ones give you papers that have little or no plagiarism. They also try to stick to the topic that you've given them. And in a few cases, they'll even help you to ace your course. But, the truth is, the results vary.

So, my main purpose here is to suggest services that will not get you scammed. I collect suggestions from real-life students. I work out whether a particular site has writers who can at least speak/write in English. Finally, I can estimate if an essay service will even deliver your paper in the first place. In the process, I also find the best deals—those that are affordable and promise acceptable quality.

Keep reading ... without getting scammed.