David Anderson

"Consumer trust has been waning in the past few years, despite the efforts of many companies across industries to ramp up transparency and bolster customer engagement. Numerous scandals, scams, and con artists have put customers on edge, making them more skeptical than ever." (Forbes)

Sadly, the opposite can also be true. Many people are far too trusting and not nearly curious enough to spend more time reading a company’s background and history before making a sound buying decision. But by being aware of, and understanding, the inner workings of these companies and their business model, people are more likely to be able to resist falling into fraudulent transactions and avoid being scammed.

As a founder of IHateWritingEssays, David aims to produce unbiased essay writing service reviews and buyer guides that are easy to read and free to everybody. When it comes to academic writing services, he has covered just about everything under the sun - and then some. David believes that students should be the center of essay writing service providers - not cogs in their wheel.

Personal Note from David Anderson

Alright, alright... Some people find the word "hate" too strong a word. But hey, don't you abhor writing papers? Some ask you to do some bizarre things like:

  • Arguing whether the cat flea jumps higher than the dog flea
  • Finding out if woodpeckers get headaches from all the headbanging
  • Determining if sword swallowing is dangerous

I started this website for students like you. Those who would rather go out on a hot date than waste their lives struggling with Greek mythology. Those who don't want to know what word processing is or don't care about weird referencing styles. But usually, essays simply frighten the hell out of students.

But, in all honesty, I've never seen an essay writing service that is a charity. You have to pay for the goods. And this is where the problem starts. Con artists, liars, and downright incompetent writers are strewn all over sites claiming to offer quality papers.

The better ones give you papers that have little or no plagiarism. They also try to stick to the topic that you've given them. And in a few cases, they'll even help you to ace your course. But, the truth is, the results vary.

So, our main purpose here is to suggest services that will not get you scammed. We collect suggestions from real-life students. We work out whether a particular site has writers who can at least speak/write in English. Finally, we can estimate if an essay service will even deliver your paper in the first place. In the process, we also find the best deals—those that are affordable and promise acceptable quality.

Keep reading ... without getting scammed.