IHateWritingEssays Honor Code

IHateWritingEssays strongly condemns any form of plagiarism. We do not endorse nor engage in any type of academic dishonesty, nor do we facilitate cheating or commit to any acts of fraud. Likewise, we are strongly against any action that promotes the unfair obtainment of grades or degrees.

Violations of the Honor Code

All students must pledge to adhere to the Honor Code, and should address issues that violate the code. Examples of conduct that are regarded as direct violation of the Honor Code include, but are not limited to:


Using a purchased paper without proper credit to the source, and passing it off as one’s own.


Revising and resubmitting a paper without your instructor’s consent or knowledge.


Representing any part of work done by another as your own.

Unfair advantages

Receiving aid on a homework, in which a reasonable individual is aware that such form of assistance is not permitted.

What Happens When the Honor Code Is Violated?

The Honor Code exists to guide students and help keep issues and misunderstandings on the use of essay writing services, to a minimum. In most academic institutions, once a violation is suspected, the student in question will face a panel of faculty members or their peers. service hours.
If the student is found or pleads guilty, they will receive a suspension and/or community service. The sanction depends on the severity of the violation committed and the level of premeditation. The accused student may be issued a No Credit or No Pass for the course where the violation was committed.

Using Essay Writing Services: The Black Way

Decent essay writing companies understand that students may abuse the services they provide. Specifically, most individuals submit purchased papers as their own. While this seems like a good idea for some, it’s not for many reasons.

It’s academic cheating

Even though ownership of the paper was passed on to you, and even if the paper wasn’t previously published, it’s technically still not your work.

It’s not your voice

Chances are your instructor can differentiate between your writing style and someone else’s.

Selling yourself short

You’re basically telling yourself you’re never good enough to write a paper and depriving yourself the chance to improve your own writing skills.

Some possible negative long-term consequences include:

Getting suspended from School/College/University

(if proven to have committed academic dishonesty)

Being ill-prepared to write academic papers on your own

(from over-reliance on using custom writing services)

Being removed from your degree

(if caught cheating multiple times)

Limiting your career prospects

(from not being able to write)

Ultimately, students violating the Honor Code are failing themselves and it’s hard to see how this will benefit them in the long run.
But while it looks pretty bad, you are in fact, less likely to get caught in these situations if you’re using essay writing services the right away.

Using Essay Writing Services: The White Way

To maintain academic integrity, the best and safest way to use an essay writing service is to get a model paper for the following purposes:

Additional source for better understanding of a subject

A custom paper gives you everything you need to know about a problem or subject matter.

Source of inspiration

A professionally written essay can break your writer’s block and be a tool to improve your own writing skills.

A guide to proper citing

Learn how to cite your sources properly, thereby avoiding plagiarism.

Source of research ideas

A custom paper serves as a great guide on how to research for further writing projects.

Positive long-term consequences include:

There’s hardly a future consequence if you’re using an essay writing service for these purposes. If anything, this doesn’t make you a cheater. In fact, it’s fundamental if you want to make academic progress. Used the right way, essay writing services can:

Help you save time (from researching various books and Internet resources)

Help to write in a way that corresponds to your instructor’s writing standards

Improve your grades

Improve your skills

Finding Your Own Line

  • 1
    Thanks to essay writing services, it’s easy to get a paper done in no time. However, it’s for the same reason some students are easily tempted to abuse it. Because, if you’re assured of getting 100% original content, you’re not running the risk of getting caught cheating.
  • 2
    We at IHateWritingEssays, and all the essay writing companies out there, have no control over what a student does to their purchased papers. Ultimately, the decision is up to the student.
  • 3
    When it comes to using essay writing services, you need to find your own answer. The reality is that it’s somewhere in-between black and white. Bottom line is, if you want to go for a side that comes with less risks, it may be best to tip the scale to the white side.

Additional Sources

If you have further questions or any specific inquiry about how to use essay writing services, please refer to the following sources. If you can’t find the answer to your question, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail.