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Looking for a legitimate and trustworthy High School/College/University paper writing service? You're at the right place. By reading this blog, you'll get cases, insights and best paper writing service reviews that are meant to make your life easier. This website serves as your one-stop destination to finding online essay writing sites and top rated essay writing services for all your academic writing needs.

Essay writing is a lot like blue cheese - some people like it and some don’t. If you think you’re the latter, it’s not difficult to understand why. As a student with piles of homework and projects to deal with on a daily basis, you don’t want to be afflicted with arduous essay writing and endless research work. But there’s a way out with all these backbreaking tasks - help from qualified writers.


Finding a legit essay writing service is no mean feat. It took me a lot of time before I could say with confidence that, YES, this or that site is a top essay writing service. Yet, it was worth every penny trying out these essay services. I can now tell if an offer is worth it or not with ease.
Don't take the top rankings as a be-all and end-all of essay writing services. But, based on my experience, these websites have proven they are reliable online writing services. See the top essay writing leaders below - all owned by different writing companies.
Featured Review:

Not the cheapest option out there but if you want to get the highest quality paper, then this is the best essay buying site for you. They offer a broad range of writing services for literally all types of subjects and courses. The option to choose a native writer makes them a top choice for students.

Best Pick if:

you need the best all-around essay writing service

Price from: $18
Deadline: 3 hours
Type: Writer Assigned*
Writers: ESL & ENL
Cost estimate: $155
Featured Review:

A true gem among paper writing sites. They offer value for money, thanks to their team of seasoned writers who are experts in various academic fields. They also offer grading and marking services. Students from all academic levels can greatly benefit from top essay writing services like this one.

Best Pick if:

you are looking for the best value for money

Price from: $10
Deadline: 6 hours
Type: Writer Assigned*
Writers: ESL & ENL
Cost estimate: $145
Featured Review:

A reputable company that boasts a team comprised of some of the best essay writers you can find in the industry. Looking for an opportunity to save extra cash from your orders? You’ll surely benefit from their referral and loyalty programs.

Best Pick if:

you are looking for the best value for money & rush writing

Price from: $10
Deadline: 3 hours
Type: Writer Assigned*
Writers: ESL & ENL
Cost estimate: $130
Featured Review:

If you want to have complete freedom to choose your own writer based on their skill level or rates, then their bidding system is the best option for you. No doubt the best site for writing essays if you’re on a tight budget but still want to get a well-polished paper done on time and without hassle.

Best Pick if:

you are on a budget and prefer a freelance bidding platform over a standard service

Price from: $11
Deadline: 6 hours
Type: Bidding System*
Writers: ESL
Cost estimate: $130
Featured Review:

Ordering from them is simple and straightforward. They can deliver your paper in as fast as 3 hours, but they don’t come cheap. Writing quality is pretty good, although their range of services are not so different from others.

Price from: $10
Deadline: 3 hours
Type: Writer Assigned*
Writers: ESL
Cost estimate: $125
Featured Review:

Has a solid money-back guarantee that will give you complete peace of mind with your ordered paper. There are minor issues with revision requests, but the company is quick to address problems their customers may have.

Price from: $12
Deadline: 3 hours
Type: Writer Assigned*
Writers: ESL & ENL
Cost estimate: $135
Featured Review:

They have been in business for several years, making them one of the more popular essay writing websites. While there are mixed reviews regarding the quality of their services, they make up for it by offering quality customer support.

Price from: $15
Deadline: 3 hours
Type: Writer Assigned*
Writers: ESL
Cost estimate: $121
Featured Review:

A good enough choice if you need cheap writing service. The order and payment process may be more time-consuming than average, but new customers will definitely appreciate the discounts and occasional promo codes.

Price from: $6
Deadline: 24 hours
Type: Bidding System*
Writers: ESL
Cost estimate: $55-65
Featured Review:

One of their main takeaways is that they offer some of the coolest, most lucrative discounts in the market. Customers have the option to choose writer’s levels, and even add special features like Lifetime File Storage.

Price from: $12
Deadline: 6 hours
Type: Writer Assigned*
Writers: ESL
Cost estimate: $104

* Unlike 'writer assigned' service, bidding essay writing service (like EduBirdie/EssayPro/Bid4Papers) gives an opportunity to choose the writer and negotiate the price. Generally, it's cheaper but time-consuming. 'Writer assigned' services are better because of guaranteed quality, personal assistance, effortlessness.

Important disclosure: I'm not responsible for the quality, accuracy, timeliness, reliability or any other aspect of the products of essay writing services reviewed at Due to the increasing number of phishing scams, visit only official essay writing services websites.
Last updated: May 2, 2020


Here is the complete list of other essay services reviews (written by both myself and anonymous students). Unfortunately, some essay websites delivered really bad essays, others have a bad reputation, and some are caught in papers reselling. Consider having to read those reviews and detailed cases on my blog to stop you making the same mistakes and avoid serious problems while pursuing an academic career.


As the #1 review blog for online essay writing services, we thought it would be nice to help students like you to find the best paper writing service in the market. We provide comprehensive, no-holds-barred essay writing service reviews by carefully investigating and curating popular writing service companies that offer custom paper for students of all academic levels.

We will guide you every step of the way in understanding how essay writing services work and how they can help you with your academic writing tasks. At the same time, it’s our goal to enlighten you with the common pitfalls of using such services, and how you can avoid falling prey to fraudulent services that could lead to wasted time, money, and poor grades.


We are always on top of our game when it comes to finding the best online essay writers that offer you great deals. However, we are not just about helping you find the top essay writing services. We delve deep into each and every company, and expose those that do no more than just steal their customers’ money.

IHateWritingEssays is different from the rest in that we are NOT owned by any essay writing company. We do not promote multiple websites from the same company, in the rating. We are an independent body and transparency is our principle. We stay true to our words and will never remove negative reviews, unless we find improvements in a company’s services.


I launched this review blog about one year ago. Did I find the best essay writing service? It's your call. One must understand it's about impossible to get error-free papers all the time. People make mistakes, you know. Some may be deal breakers and others tolerable.

The idea is thus to find an essay service that strives to offer the best quality/support (within reason, of course). Because scams still exist in this business, I continue to help students to avoid the worst.

Many have written to me privately. They've given suggestions and asked questions. And these have really helped the site reviews. But, speaking frankly, it takes a bit of time to assimilate the different views.

Yet, as luck would have it, this is no longer a blog of one person, a few students joined the team. This means that will grow and develop. For everyone's benefit; even more essay companies will be under the spotlight as the net widens.


Below are warning signs of fraudulent essay writer service. Remember, many companies that use an aggressive marketing strategy - create multiple sites and write fake reviews - provide pretty good essays. But if there's no support, and prices are low, then you shouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole.

Write fabricated essay writing services reviews

Now if the satellite websites scam is applied, the most straight-forward one to look out for is the fake reviews. One team of writers that owns multiple website domains will make reviews for all of them and rank them accordingly. It sounds stupid, doesn't it? However, on the surface, you can't know they aren't any different.

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Create the same websites with different domain names

If you pick and choose one assignment writing service out of many, there's a chance they all lead to the same team of writers. This is the most common scam out there. Multiple website domains make for a higher chance of clients. Only thing is that they don't know they are being scammed, since all websites look legit at first glance.

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  1. - Fact Check: Uncovering Multiple Services By A Single Essay Company Must Read

Lack of instant support

Another thing to look out for is that most of these websites offer no real support. They might advertise it in such an official way that you might get the idea they are there for you 24/7, but once they've written your essay, they might suddenly disappear from the radar. Make sure to ask all details about support before ordering an essay.

Good service can't be cheap

Low prices are also something that you should question. No one works for free. Take in consideration the time spent and the quality put in your essay before you decide to buy papers online. If the price seems too low for what they're claiming to offer, you might want to search somewhere else.


  • Why? Mainly because the majority of college paper writing service reviews are meant to polish online reputation. It's a situation that's as simple as: we hire you, you make us look good, you in return will look good and that's about it. Everyone wins from this except the client.

  • Another reason to not trust most paper writing services review sites is because they exist just to generate traffic to money sites. You will most likely see a lot of ads meant to produce money, so the information on there is probably not true.

  • Thirdly, most of them are owned by essay companies so you already know the client isn't put on the 1st place, and that generating money is their goal. The chance that you will actually find the best paper writing service through them is super slim.

Among the most popular fake "write my essay" review sites are,,,, Best-Essay-Writing.Services, College-Paper-Writing-Service.Reviews,,,,,,, and many others. For this reason, I strongly recommend people read my posts about popular fake review websites.


I suck at writing essays. That really is true, you know. And I asked myself two questions. "Who can write my paper for me?" "Where to buy college essays online?" I was looking for a solution for a while and came up with three options: pre written essays, freelance essay ghostwriters and custom essay writing services. I choose the last alternative. There are many reasons for this.

I believe that website that writes essays for you is a perfect decision that has a number of advantages. Professional essay writers can write papers for money in short lines and with the highest quality. Moreover, top-notch essay companies are constantly working to improve their services to meet even the most complex student's needs.

Prompt Delivery

Any urgency level and various delivery time frames. 3-6 hours deadline, Carl! That's possible.

Privacy and Safety

They respect your privacy. The leakage of information is impossible, because it's a matter of their reputation.

Money-Back Guarantee

A money-back guarantee is a prerequisite for cooperation. In case of failure of the writer, you will get your money.


Up to 15% first order discounts, as well as a flexible system of price cut depending on your pages volume.

24/7 Support

Constant phone, e-mail and instant chat support. VIP Service packages at your discretion.

Free Revisions

In case of dissatisfaction with an essay written, you can demand unlimited free revisions.

Academic Levels

Any academic level, from High School, College, University, Master's to PhD, at your disposal.

ENL & ESL Essay Writers

Choose between English native-speaking and ESL experienced writers (for foreign students).

Plagiarism Free Papers

Zero tolerance for plagiarism. Get unique and written from scratch papers that will let you bypass Turnitin.


With a ton of academic requirements, students from high school to college levels simply want to ease their burdens by looking for professionals and companies that offer help with their particular assignment. They scour the Internet for providers of the best research paper writing services, the most trusted writers of social science essays, and the highly reputable specialists for thesis writing, among others. They search depending on their particular need with specific keywords such as well-rated dissertation writing service reviews, professional academic essay writers, and a lot more.

What students fail to understand is that it would be a lot better to simply find the top quality essay writing services that can provide their writing needs. Most of the reputable essay agencies have a pool of highly qualified talents who can accomplish a wide array of tasks. They are experts in various fields such as literature, social sciences, business, humanities. Apart from gaining access to their professional writers, you can also prevent yourself from being scammed by fraudulent websites. Finding the best essay services can be the key to your academic success.

  • Essay (any type)
  • Research Paper
  • Term paper
  • Coursework
  • Dissertation
  • Thesis
  • Admission Essay
  • Application letter
  • Personal statement
  • Reflective Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Critical Thinking
  • Article Review
  • Movie Review
  • Book review
  • Literature review
  • Movie review
  • Case Study
  • Business Plan
  • Report
  • Speech
  • Research Proposal
  • Dissertation Chapter
  • Math, Lab Report
  • Annotated Bibliography
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Problem solving
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Paraphrasing
  • Rewriting
  • Formatting


I'm not against essay writing per se. But I've got my reasons to avoid wasting time on this unnecessary activity. Time is the most valuable resource in our life. I prefer to get results with the least effort.


The main reason to dislike writing essays is that they are very time consuming. It can take from a few hours up to a few days for just one essay on only one topic. That's way too much, especially if you dislike the given topic.

It's boring

There's also a high chance that you might get bored while writing because of how little entertaining the activity is and if you start doing something else you begin wasting even more time since you'll have to get back to it at one point. The whole process is just not fun at all, and you might even begin to hate it if the topic doesn't appeal to you in the slightest.

I'm a techie

Nowadays technology makes everything easier, so why wouldn't it make essay writing easy as well? If you are a huge tech fan and you use it for the majority of your activities, you will probably find essay writing super boring, and you might want to find a way to combine technology with it. Well you don't even need high end technology, just a way to contact the guys that know what they're doing.



Aussie undergraduates who need help with the accomplishment of their academic requirements would specifically look for assignment writing service in Australia. When British students need help with their thesis, dissertation, or film review, they would usually search for the best UK writers.

They tend to be very particular with the geographical location of the writers because of the belief that those coming from the same country would deliver better results. However, based on analysis, there is no need to be geographically specific when looking for a writing provider.

The top custom writing companies around the world usually have the same team of professionals who offer assignment writing services in Australia, UK, US, Canada, and more. Just get a reliable agency to do the academic work for you.


I think each of us at least once visited so called essay banks that sell already written essays for a small price. This is the most dangerous and cheap option which threatens to have dire consequences for your academic life.

If you want to avoid the high risk of being caught, in no case use it (read my blog posts that cover this topic in detail).


  • First reason is that you get no privacy. The person that is writing the essay for you knows everything about said essay, and even something about you. While most writing services protect their customers’ privacy, a writer still has a chance to find out your personal email or phone number.

  • Secondly, you can easily get blackmailed. You both agree that they write it for you, but what if the writer wants to take credit for it?

  • And the third reason against ghost writers is that they usually take a lot of time to deliver. They are probably busy with other projects so you're not even a priority to them.


Browse to find the first order promo codes and up-to-date deals. It's a great way to

  • get a discounted essay writing services from a reputable trusted companies
  • understand whether you like the essay website or not.

Want to share your personal essay writing discounts? I'm always happy to expand my list with valuable suggestions.


My parting words to you are those of thank –

I am very grateful that you’ve visited the essay writing service reviews on my website,

and I hope you've learned something today.

We all face problems on a regular basis, and it's hard enough without scammers running on the internet. Frankly, it's easier to become prey to malevolent essay writing services than to benefit from benevolent ones, so caution is advised, if not a pre-requisite to solving your problems. "Read", and read thoroughly if you want to avoid mishaps – being careful always pays off.

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