Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

Our niche website offers information related to online essay writing services, such as reviews and ratings, updates, and buyers’ guides. IHateWritingEssays is comprised of a small team, originating from a personal small site. As an independent platform, we are in no way connected nor affiliated with any other company, brand, product, or service.

How do you rate websites?

We rate websites based on personal experience and various customer feedback collected from the Internet. We strive to provide our readers with comprehensive, unbiased information.

What is your business model?

As a third-party review platform, we spend hours scouring the Internet in search of relevant and trusted information about essay writing service companies, analyzing customer reviews, and creating guides to make the decision process as effortless as possible. We assist companies by gathering and collating testimonials and generate insights from customer reviews. Likewise, we help readers make smart purchasing decisions so they can avoid scams.

How does IHateWritingEssays generate funds?

We earn a small income by running ads, and sometimes sponsored listings. Additionally, we use affiliate links to our content, which we clearly indicate on a particular page. These won’t cost our readers anything, but helps offset the cost of paying our writing team.

What is the goal behind IHateWritingEssays?

Our goal is to increase awareness and help customers make better purchasing decisions. In addition, we strive to make good writing service companies flourish and to kick out the bad ones.

Who founded the IHateWritingEssays website?

IHateWritingEssays is owned by David Anderson. He created the website out of passion and dedication towards helping students make the right choice when looking for an online essay writing service, and to expose opportunistic companies that scam people and deliver poor quality services.

Do I need to create an account to leave a review on your website?

No. Readers and customers are free to submit a review for an essay writing service company or leave comments on our blog posts, even without registering for an account. You can even opt to remain anonymous and not show your name and email address.

Who can see my reviews?

As a company that’s committed to honesty and transparency, all reviews and comments left in our website are publicly available to all users, and we may also share your reviews with others.

Can advertisers have direct influence on your website's reviews?

No. The purpose of advertisers is only to take up space for ads. Therefore, it is impossible for them to influence the reviews and ratings we have given to the writing service sites being evaluated on this blog.

Can individuals who write reviews be sued for posting negative feedback?

Most online reviews are protected by the First Amendment, which covers freedom of speech. Therefore, reviewers are protected by their right to free speech.

On the other hand, a court can find a reviewer guilty of defamation if they post false or incorrect information about a business. Freedom of speech boils down to whether a reviewer is expressing their opinion or asserting a fact.

Here at IHateWritingEssays, we only share facts. All reviews posted on this website are backed with concrete evidence. Any negative reviews found on this website serve to alert customers of issues, as well as to alert writing service companies on areas that require improvement.

Can a business contact me about a review?

Yes, but only if you opt to leave your contact information and/or order number publicly, on our website. Otherwise, it won’t be possible for any other company to reach you. We do not disclose user information and you are not obliged to give it when leaving a review on our site.

When will IHateWritingEssays contact consumers?

We can contact you only when you A) leave your email address or any other contact detail in the comments section; or B) write directly to our email. We may do so for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • To obtain additional information about a review or buyer guide;
  • To serve as the mediator between the consumer and the subject of a review (i.e. to enable a company to address any request or issue regarding a new review or rating);
  • If the consumer requests to contact a company either via phone, email, or chat, or if the consumer has consented to be contacted by a company.

How recent are the information on IHateWritingEssays's reviews?

Information accuracy is an integral part of our mission. We do our best to keep our reviews as up-to-date as possible. If you see any outdated or irrelevant information, please contact us immediately.

What are the main components of your website?

Our website mainly contains comprehensive reviews, ratings, customer feedback, blog posts, as well as buyer guides and information on the latest discounts and promo codes.

As a consumer, how do I start using your website?

Checking reviews and blog posts on IHateWritingEssays is simple and easy to navigate. You can quickly learn more information on essay writing services on the "Reviews" section, and find our top recommendations. Meanwhile, you can easily find blog posts and guides the moment you enter our home page. Everything is just a click away!

When should I report a review?

Removing reviews or other user-generated content is not something IHateWritingEssays takes lightly. We allow consumers to stand behind what they write, and a review on our website can be reported as long as there's sufficient evidence of a conflict of interest, if it includes inappropriate language, or that some content is irrelevant.

How can I report a review?

Before reporting a review for removal, please ensure that you understood our guidelines and that it clearly violates our policy. If you're 100% sure that a review violates said policy, you may contact us via email, along with a screenshot of the review.

We will then send you a message to your registered email once the content has been properly evaluated by our moderators, which may take several days. We will also notify the reviewer regarding the removal of their content.

Is it possible to remove my business or website listing from IHateWritingEssays?

We publish all necessary business data so that consumers can share information or personal experiences regarding an essay writing service. All the information we gather is essentially a matter of public record and concern. As such, we do not remove this type of data from our website.

While we understand that some company owners would prefer to keep a low profile or remain anonymous, it's important (and also a legal right) for consumers to be able to find and share helpful information about a writing service.

Feel free to contact us should there be any changes or updates to the information on your business page.

As a business owner, can I sue IHateWritingEssays for a negative review?

It makes sense to consult a lawyer who has extensive knowledge of the First Amendment and the Internet Law. And any decent lawyer will tell you that: (A) freedom of speech (by the reviewer) is protected by said law, even if it's negative; (B) IHateWritingEssays is not responsible for the personal opinions of its consumers; (C) filing a suit will only draw more attention to the review in question, and; (D) taking legal action is not cheap.

Yes, you may push for litigation against IHateWritingEssays, but keep in mind that it's not the simplest, fastest, and cheapest way to deal with a bad review on your business. Please contact us directly so that we can work together to resolve the matter.

Will IHateWritingEssays remove the business page if I've trademarked the business' name?

Trademarking certainly protects a business' intellectual property against other business trading. It typically protects the brand name and logo used on product and services, thus avoiding confusion in the market.

However, trademarking does not prevent consumers from posting reviews and comments about your business. For this reason, business pages, even with trademarked names, will remain on our website.

Do you have a Privacy Policy?

Yes, we have a dedicated page where you can view our Privacy Policy, as well as a page for our Honor Code.

What do I do if I believe IHateWritingEssays is hosting information or material that infringes my copyright?

If you believe that the company holds information that violates your copyright, you must immediately notify us of this claim under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), by following the steps below:

  • Identify the information or material you believe may have been infringed;
  • Send all pertinent details, such as a URL, that will provide us the information to locate the copyrighted material that you would like to be removed from our website;
  • Create a statement of your claim that said material found on our website is not authorized by you, the copyright owner, its agent, or any existing law;
  • Include your contact details so that we may respond to and address your complaint (name, email address, home address, telephone number);
  • Include a signature (electronic or physical) of the person authorized to act on behalf of the copyright owner;
  • Send your complaint via snail mail or email.