Are Essay Writing Services Ethical?

Ethics is an extremely important and vast subject that depends on gender, personality types, past experiences, culture, nature, mental ability and external pressures. Talking about the ethical side of anything is never an easy task, but it becomes a little more difficult when it is about academic essays and term papers for sale and the whole essay writing business.

There are both opponents and proponents of this issue – some feel it is fine to use custom essay writing services, while others think differently. Here is a bit more about different point of views on this particular issue. And so, a question arises from all this: Is It ethical to buy essays at custom writing services?

There's a whole plethora of ethical considerations arising from the use of essay writing services, both for the students and the writers. And while plagiarism isn't necessarily a criminal offense, many schools consider it ‘unethical cheating'.

Read the various viewpoints and how these potential ethical threats can be averted.

Statistical Viewpoint

Many people believe that ordering college papers will have a direct impact on the statistical side of our education system. It means that if a large majority of students are relying on these services, then it may become important to change the system altogether. When people take advantage of these custom essay writing services, they are in fact exposing an important weakness in the education system, which is the reason why it feels ethically correct to order essays.

On the other hand, you need to consider what will happen if all of the essay writing companies stop working for a few years. Will there be an increase in the national averages? Will you see more and more students writing their papers on their own? If there is a change in the national average, then it is possible to say that purchasing academic papers is an unethical practice.

Another important consideration is about the average score most of these students get after submitting a custom written essay. Statistically speaking, the students who use essay writing services are more likely to get higher scores. However, that's not always the case – some students make a mistake by picking a cheaper service and end up receiving poorly crafted essays. All this will also have an impact on how legitimate it is to order essays from essay writing companies.

Long Life Viewpoint

Some people believe that purchasing an essay would be an unethical practice if it causes a long-term problem. For this, you need to consider the effect on the finish grade of a student who uses essay writing services. In case there is no real positive or negative long-term effect, then it should not be called an unethical practice to order an essay. And if you dig deeper into the details, you will realize that a professionally written essay will only help student gain prestige for a short time without creating any long-term effects.

Another way of looking at this issue is that if ordering an essay affects the student's ability to learn, then it is possible to call it an unethical practice. What it means is that if a student thinks they already know the topic but don't have the time to write an essay, they are not hurting their learning ability, and ordering an essay may well be an ethical approach in this case.

Some people are of the view that purchasing an essay is a form of cheating and doing this will set a bad example for future life. In reality, this is a very personal approach. Not everyone ordering an essay is going to maintain the same attitude about life. However, if purchasing an essay makes you think that you can buy your way out of problems even in the real life, it should be considered an unethical practice.

As such, students must ensure that they're dealing with a legitimate essay writing company that can guarantee complete anonymity and grant them full copyright ownership of the paper they bought. Otherwise, the company can easily reuse or resell the paper to others. If this happens, it's more likely someone in the future will find out you use essay writing services and that your work is plagiarized.

Regimented Viewpoint

Some people are of the view that everyone should abide by the rules, or else there would be no point in making those rules in the first place. The regimented point of view is of those people's way of thinking who always follow the rules. They also believe that students should write their essays completely on their own because their teachers want to test their understandings of a particular topic through essays or term papers. That's why they think that purchasing an essay is an unethical approach.

They also believe that a student is breaking the rules by purchasing an essay, and they should not be rewarded for this – they should not get good grades for such an essay. It means that not only are these students cheating, but they are also breaking the rules; therefore, the whole practice should be discouraged. They propose that students who are caught taking advantage of these essay writing services should be dismissed from school, and, at the same time, should be banned from taking admission in another institution at least for a few years.

Winner's Viewpoint

Students who are goal oriented and self-centered as well share this viewpoint. Most of these people do well in life because they want to win irrespective of what they have to pay for it. They don't mind twisting or even breaking the rules to their advantage. For them, it is completely fine to use online essay writing companies for ordering essays and term papers. They think that if you can use the money to make things easier, then you should use it any way you can.

The fact of the matter is that the school system comes with a great weakness – you're a loser if you don't learn to exploit. Therefore, it is not right to judge the topic on moral grounds. For instance, a prisoner should be punished if he/she breaks the jail, but they should not be blamed if they escaped only because a door was not locked properly. The same is the case with today's education system.

So are essay writing services ethical?

Answering the question, ‘Are essay writing services ethical?', I can only say that there's a nuance to this.

It's mainly the misuse of essay writing services by students that raise potential ethical issues. Academic institutions are concerned with the potential for plagiarism and its consequences, and that such services could promote academic success that's driven by money instead of merit.

But in the professional world, getting the help of professional writers is becoming increasingly common and acceptable. For example, many executives hire ghostwriters to work on their business proposals or leadership papers. For me, it's not any different from a student hiring an essay writing service.

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