Is It Safe to Use Online Essay Writing Services?

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Most of the students wonder, is it safe to use online paper writing services. Well, it can go both ways. We will now discuss this subject so you can see for yourself if it is safe at all.

First of all, we need to say that essay writing services are not always the most trustworthy companies for academic writing works. Anyhow, there are some cases when "write my essay" services are actually bad and not worth the time or the money. Let's look at a few examples.

1. Ofqual's investigation

Getting below-average quality essay for the money you paid.
This occurs more than you can imagine with the essay writing services. Students often get ripped off when it comes to the quality of the essay. For example, you asked for exact writing style and writing tone that you want in your essay and you get something completely off subject.

An investigation by the exam regulator Ofqual is a case in point. According to the watchdog of The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation in England, essay writing services failed to live up to their claims of high-quality writing and research, despite charging up to £220 for an essay.

2. Reselling essays by

Non-compliance with the contract terms.
Some essay writing services are actually reselling papers that were already given to the previous customers after a while. This thing often occurs when there is some major topic that the majority of students are asking them to write about.

A clear example of such actions is a breach of contract by, a company that started a secret reselling of customers' papers completely without their knowledge and in violation of contract.

3. Grab My Essay com example

Poor service, customer support and no money back.
As one of the bad experiences, a student can face the bad and troublesome customer service with the essay writing services. There are many websites that don't respond in the normal time, others don't want to give a refund, there are even some services that don't allow revisions if the customers complain about something.

We do not have to look far for examples. The quintessence of everything described above is website, a stay away service you can learn more about by reading my writers rating. Or checking SiteJabber feedbacks. Just not before going to sleep!

4. Dan Ariely investigation

The experiment case by Dan Ariely (professor at Duke University)
This professor did a little experiment with the essay writing service and the results were pretty bad. Simply, he ordered a 12 page essay for a psychology class and had plenty of requests considering the quality and the structure. He paid in advance and gave them two weeks of time to finish the paper.

When the paper arrived, he was pretty shocked to see that the quality was literally garbage and the overall structure was not something he ordered. Now, imagine that you wasted both the time and money on something like this. Well, it really isn't a great experience after all.

5. EduBirdie and BBC's Investigation

Paying YouTube influencers to promote sub-par essays to students
Here's another curious case that turned the spotlight on a well-known essay writing company that, as it turns out, is using prominent Internet personalities to promote their services that aren't exactly worth the “A+ grade” they promised to their customers. This can be seriously off-putting to those who wish to get help from a truly reliable writing service.

Ukraine-based essay writing service company, EduBirdie, recently made turbulent waves across various news outlets when the BBC Trending Investigation uncovered thousands of videos promoting the company's writing services, using YouTube influencers.

BBC went on to conduct an experiment by ordering 2 essays from the company. The result? The GCSE essay was given a C, while the university paper was marked 60% - not quite what you'd expect from a company that guarantees A+ grade to hopeful students. You can find more in my EduBirdie review and how this unethical advertising and poor-quality delivery has severely affected students' grades.

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But NOT all Essay Writing Services are scam, there are also SAFE ones

Simply speaking, there are a lot of good and trustworthy websites waiting to do your essay correctly. Therefore, we will now discuss some of the most frequently asked questions from students and answers legal essay writing services would give.

1) Is it confidential?

Sure thing, while placing an order you will be asked to provide such personal information as your phone number, name, email. Legitimate essay writing companies offer great confidentiality policies that protects the student's rights and personal information. You can rest assured that they will not break their policies, therefore, information about you is safe.

2) Will the student be the owner of the essay?

That's not a simple question. Remember that legal essay writing companies de jure do not transfer ownership of their papers to the buyer. You don't have to worry about it! Now, all essay writing services don't claim their work as their own. Actually, the student is the one with the ownership and it can use the paper anyway he wants. You can read more about legal issues on my blog.

3) Will the essay be written from scratch or a pre-written work?

Well, the essay will be written from scratch when it comes to the good essay writing service. At the same time, be careful not to run into sites that sell prewritten essays. It might be dangerous.

4) Is it safe to pay through your website?

Of course, it is safe to submit payments through the website in case it has an SSL certificate. Realiable paper writing services are committed to protecting the privacy of their customers.

5) Will the writer blackmail me somehow?

If you deal with the freelancer essay writer there will be a possibility of the blackmail. On the other hand, essay writing service will never blackmail you in any way. Neither you nor the writer will know each other's name.

6) Can I choose my own writer?

Some essay writing services, so-called websites with a bidding system, allow you to choose the writer and negotiate the price. It may be cheaper, but not all students are willing to spend time looking for a writer. Whatever it was, I recommend checking out my ranking of the best essay writing services with a bidding system here.

7) Will the paper be sold again after you give it to me?

Now, there is no need to worry about things like that. When they give you the paper, you are the owner, therefore, they will not sell the same paper again. As described above, some companies violate the contract, so always check the reputation and read the reviews.

8) Does it make sense to look for a specific writing agency, like research paper writing service?

It has been the practice of those in their high school and college levels to look for the best research paper or dissertation writing service reviews, and more depending on their assignment.

However, students must know that they can receive better help when they simply look for the most reliable company that offers essay services. By doing this, they can be assured of receiving premium output at reasonable rates. The top essay companies can usually address all your academic needs from writing theses, literature reviews, dissertations, admission essays, movie reviews, case studies, and other types of paper required by your university professors.

As we can see from everything we said, the essay writing services are actually safe and good to work with. Anyhow, you need to find some trustworthy custom writing service.

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