5 Things About College Your Guidance Counselor Forgot to Mention

Preparing for college is fun, and your Guidance Counselor will probably tell you plenty of good things you need to know. This article covers the things that your Guidance Counselor did not tell you. These are the things that exist in college that you should know about. You may want to hide this article from your parents.

There are drugs in college

In every single college/University in this country there are drugs readily available. There is always somebody that knows a guy and this also includes all the Ivy League schools too. How do you think all of those politicians tried drugs in college if it was not readily available?

Also, wasn't it cool when Barack Obama admitted to smoking dope, and all the other politicians claimed to have sucked on a spliff but not inhaled? Barack admitted that he tried it and the reporter said, "Did you inhale?" and he said, "Yeah….that was the point."

Without starting an after-school special or an episode of GI Joe, let's just say that you can take it too far and get addicted to even marijuana, so treat it carefully.

How to get laid

If you are still a virgin then good for you. There is nothing that sex can offer you in High School other than pregnancy, but in college, it starts to get interesting. It seems that all people don't get laid in college unless they have very few friends. If you are looking to try sex for the first time, then follow the rules and concentrate on making as many friends as possible and the sex will come eventually. Go searching for sex and you will find disappointment and rejection.

As a side note, the author of this article was asked to write a similar post for the Republican Party and they sent it back asking him to write, "Get lucky" instead of "Get laid." It seems like a lot of conservatives didn't get laid in college, so it may be a good idea to stay away from politics until you leave college if you want, ahem, get lucky.

People do use essay writing services

Many people try to downplay the amount of essay writing services there are and try to downplay the amount of students using them. They do this because essay writing services being used by lots of students would undermine the entire education system. What you need to know is that a lot of students use them.

Some students will use poor quality services (prewritten papers) and get expelled for being found out or submitting plagiarized content and some students are going to use legit high quality services and beat your grade without even trying. There are also going to be rich kids in your college that can afford their services all time, they will probably smoke a lot of dope or drink a lot and they will still get great grades because they are cheating. There is nothing you can do about this but you should know it goes on.

If you are thinking of using one then subtly ask your friends which they have used and ask them what grade they got. If they got a good grade then it may be worth trying one too if you are in a jam.


Your professors will give you a better grade if they like you. This was true in High School and is true in college. They have a positive bias towards the students they like. Do not try too hard and kiss the teacher's ass all the time, but do pay attention in class.

Ask questions, turn in your essays early and say a friendly hello to your teachers when you see them in the halls. Do not be over the top, but do be very friendly to the point of being happy to see them. It will pay off when your C- turns into a B-.

Your sweetheart

You and your High School sweetheart will break up. This is the sad one so it gets pushed to the end of the article. High School romances do not last when students go to college. Unless they are in the same dorm at the same college, but even that can become awkward when you both do break up and have to see each other every day.