Fact Check: Uncovering Multiple Services By A Single Essay Company

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It's been a while since my last posts (this and this) about one intriguing topic surrounding a popular marketing strategy among essay writing companies. Long story short, this strategy involves a company creating multiple websites that are, boldly enough, similar-looking not just in the website design but also in terms of functionality, features, pricing… the works.

But later on, I tried to look at it from a different – and wider – perspective. And it may not be all that bad, after all!

I came to realize a few things why some businesses continue to follow this trend, despite the possible risks involved. It compels me to address this issue now because I want to give these companies the benefit of the doubt and give potential customers out there some peace of mind when it comes to purchasing custom essays online.

Running Multiple Sites For A Single Company – 4 Cases When It's Justified

Identical-looking essay writing services proliferate at great speed. The logic behind companies creating multiple services is for business exposure and to pull in target audience.

Some companies find ways to brand each website differently so the only telltale signs will be found in the "About Us" or contact page, order form, website structure - although not always.

Through these websites, an essay writing company attracts more customers by:

#1. Offering different functionality

Some of the websites may have a freelance system (for students who would want to find a writer for the cheapest rates themselves), while others implement a writer-assigned system for those who want the best available writer to do the job. The goal is the same, but the services are completely different.

#2. Offering different prices for similar services

The company sizes up their target customers and checks how much they're willing to pay for the service. For example, one website whose main target are PhD students, will offer premium prices for their writing services; while on another site, they offer slightly lower rates or discounts for the same type of service, for budget users like high school and college students.

#3. Catering to different types of academic services

With a single team of diverse writers who are experienced in various academic fields, a company can offer different types of services across multiple websites. For example: help with math and essay writing.

#4. Offering services to specific regions

Sometimes, a company's intention is that each website has a target demographic. For instance, one company offers essay writing services exclusively to UK students, while the other caters to students in China. This also allows them to offer different rates and payment methods, depending on the region.

How Bad Can It Be?

While some essay writing companies reap the benefits of a multisite setup and STILL remain legit, many others use this marketing ploy for a different purpose: to scam students and their money.

Example 1 (google search)

It's incredibly frustrating that some of these folks are able to get away with hogging first-page search engine rankings with their multiple websites.

When I performed a quick keyword search on the "custom paper writing service", I was faced with a throng of websites, all of which promise to be “the very best in the market”. But the moment I inspected some of these sites, I immediately took a step back. I mean, how would you feel about finding a website competing with two other sites, only to realize they're all owned by a single company (and most likely have the same team of writers)?

Why would you create 2 or more similar websites to begin with? It all comes down to money and profit, of course!

Example 2 (fake ratings)

But most of all, I'm especially irked about the continuous spread of toxic fake reviews in the essay writing industry.

It's even more frustrating that many students still fall for this type of modus.

An essay writing company creates a number of fraudulent review sites to assure customers that they're legit but upon closer inspection, you'll notice they're obviously FAKE because the rating consists of the sites of a single company.

So yes, I stand firm on condemning Case 1 and Case 2.

They create different avatars and fake reviews (that are often too good to be true) to promote the company's services so whoever reads them will feel confident that they're choosing the "best essay writing service" among many... identical services of the same organization. It's ridiculous.

The sad part is, because the industry's practically plagued with these fake reviews, some legitimate essay writing agencies are compelled to create review sites themselves, just to remain competitive. This is unfair to those that want to do all their best to gain the trust of customers through honest, reliable writing services – and to the customers themselves!

Think Before You Leap!

If you're considering purchasing a custom essay online, the first thing you need to do is to read carefully.

  • If you're confused or have the slightest hint of doubt from the promises made by an essay writing service, don't hesitate to get a second opinion.
  • To find a leading assignment writing service, look into reliable essay writing service reviews and aggregate customer review sites to see what people are saying.
  • Try to find the company's real name. What do people write about it?
  • Don't forget to compare the order forms of websites among which you choose.
  • Once a determination has been made, the next step is to remember about common oversights among newbie customers.

And remember, if you read nothing but glowing positive reviews, it's almost certainly FAKE. Even legitimate businesses can't satisfy all of their customers, so a complete absence of negative reviews should immediately raise a red flag.

So be smart. After all, money doesn't grow on trees and you don't want to waste it on con artists online. Choose wisely and carefully when hiring an online essay writing service and I'm sure you'll thank me later!

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