Pay for Homework: the Definitive Guide for Students

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The question that's probably looming in your mind right now is, "Where can I pay someone to do my homework for me?" Well, you've landed on the right place because we're here to give a solution to this problem.

For many college students, homework assignments can be strenuous and time-consuming. While some can be done without so much hassle, others can be pretty demanding and will require a great deal of research especially if you're not familiar with it. Even if you're a top student, one way or another you'll need to get the help of an expert.

Below is a compilation of handy tips and hacks for getting assignment writing help, complete with definitive reviews and guides to find the most trusted online college homework helper this 2022.

Where Can I Pay for Homework?

Doing your assignment can be overwhelming at times. Fortunately, you can do a few things to make it less daunting:

  • Ask a Friend. Perhaps the most economical way to get homework help is to ask a college buddy or friend to help you answer difficult questions, or to let them proofread your work.
  • Hire a Professional on Reddit. You can opt to hire someone to do your homework on Reddit. However, this can be a hit-or-miss so make sure to be careful when hiring a freelance writer on this platform.
  • Pay a Homework Service. The most efficient choice is to pay for homework to get done by a professional service. Sure, this will cost you, but with an expert homework helper, you'll:

Get the paper you need on time and according to your task.

Save yourself from the stress and headache of doing research.

Give yourself more time to focus on other things.

Top 3 Best Homework Help Websites for College Students

We've scoured the Internet, searched high and low on Google and on review sites like TrustPilot and SiteJabber, to find the most trusted homework help services for students.

Check this short-list of proven-and-tested websites that have done and can do my homework for money. Hopefully they can help you, too!

Need a Reliable Essay Writing Service? Hundreds of Students Recommend:

Most Popular
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#1. PenDrago

PenDrago – Best Homework Help Service

  • PRICE FROM: $17.56
  • DISCOUNT: 10%
  • DEADLINE: 3 hours
  • COMPANY: WebDolphin LTD
  • Money Back Guarantee, Revision Policy

PenDrago Overview is known for their professionally written essays, dissertation, research and term papers, and theses. And now, they're also one, if not the best homework helper for college students. The company has pledged itself to helping students with their assignments, no matter how complex it may be.

This website offers 3 main services: Writing, Editing, and Proofreading. Starting at $17.56 per page (300 words), students can avail of first-class, 100% original work that can be sent to them in as fast as within 3 hours tops.

They're certainly not the cheapest in the market but they have a roster of talented ENL writers who are well-versed in various academic writing styles and fields of study. With PenDrago, you don't have to feel panicked about submitting your homework ever again.

#2. EssayPro

EssayPro – Great Value for Money

  • PRICE FROM: $11
  • DISCOUNT: 5%
  • DEADLINE: 6 hours
  • Money Back Guarantee, Revision Policy

EssayPro Overview

EssayPro online academic writing platform aims to create a bridge between talented freelance writers and students in need of homework writing help. The company boasts a team of experts made up of native English speakers from countries like the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

On top of custom writing, editing, and proofreading services, EssayPro also sells pre-written academic papers on their website. Rest assured, though, that everything from this website is 100% plagiarism-free and will be delivered to you on or before the scheduled deadline.

There's no fixed price on their writing services and you'll have to create an account first before getting a price quotation on your order.

#3. EduVinci

EduVinci – Great Value for Money

  • PRICE FROM: $10
  • DISCOUNT: 10%
  • DEADLINE: 6 hours
  • COMPANY: A Speedy Company LLC
  • Money Back Guarantee, Revision Policy

EduVinci Overview

One of the most sought-after student homework help websites is They have been in business for many years, mainly catering to custom-written essays. With proven writers, this company is capable of assisting students from all academic levels, no matter the type of paper they need.

From the website, you have 3 main options: research paper, coursework online assistance, and dissertation writing services. And for a starting price of $14 per page, this company can offer full writing and editing services, including assisting you with homework assignments and projects.

EduVinci's expert homework writers have a reputation of delivering premium-quality papers as fast as within 6 hours, no matter the type of assignment or level of complexity it is.

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Top 15 Popular Homework Help Websites Worthy of Consideration

#4. EduDemius review can handle all work assignments, irrespective of difficulty level and subject. They have a team of writers who are proficient in writing anything from essays to dissertations. You can even check out writing samples on their website to see just how good their in-house talents are.

Price starts for as low as $10 for high school level academic paper. They also cater to rush writing, an option that's available for both high school and college students.

With over 300 academic writers, rest assured that you'll get your ordered assignment paper on time and with little to no need for revision - because it' going to be exactly what you need.

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#5. HomeworkMarket review

HomeworkMarket online homework help website dedicates itself to being a go-to source for students to get the assistance they need when it comes to academic assignments.

As the name suggests, this is like a marketplace where students can negotiate the rate they're willing to pay someone for a paper, choose a writer or tutor based on reviews, and even find bargains and free offers.

Perhaps the only thing that's lacking here is that the site doesn't have an instant chat feature and there's no way to preview their writers, unless you've already signed up for an account with them.

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#6. DoMyHomework123 review

This pay for homework site claims to have the top 2% expert writers in their team. They mainly cater to high school and college students, and can assist in problem-solving, tests, quizzes, and of course essay writing.

DoMyHomework123 is comprised of mostly English-speaking writers from across every timezone, which means they can get your paper done in as fast as within 3 hours.

Perhaps our only real concern about this service is that their prices can be steep. From $17.55 for a deadline of 15 days, students may have to shell out more money than they should.

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#7. HomeworkForYou review

HomeworkForYou works on a unique bidding system where college students can upload questions and then pick from a bidder that offers the cheapest rates. The company claims to have thousands of tutors and expert writers who are ready to assist college students on any area of study.

HomeworkForYou is a nice platform for freelancers and students alike. But since it's a bidding platform, getting assigned to a good writer can be a hit or miss. The starting price for their services is at $15, which is just within an average student's means.

#8. PayMeToDoYourHomework review

PayMeToDoYourHomework is another online college homework service that not just does your assignments, but can also take online courses and online classes for you.

The site claims to have expert writers and tutors in every subject area, including maths, biology, philosophy, etc. They can even do MBA and other master's level assignments.

Students can get a free quote from them for free, without the need to sign up for an account. Their starting price is at $29 for homework help, which can be a little pricey for the average student.

#9. HomeworkDoer review

HomeworkDoer is an online homework helper with a community of competent tutors and writers who can handle any sort of assignment, academic paper, or tests.

According to their site, HomeworkDoer has certified writers with advanced degrees in various academic fields. Most writers are English-speaking natives from the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

There's no fixed price for their writing services, and you'll have to fill in their order form before you can get a price quote. HomeworkDoer can get your assignment done within 8 hours.

#10. AssignmentGeek review

AssignmentGeek offers homework writing assistance for high school and college students. The company has a team of talented professionals who are well-versed in a wide array of academic subjects, from Math to Nursing and Engineering. They even offer online exam assistance for those who want to gain advantage preparing for tests.

Their cheapest rate is now at $16 for basic homework help (cheaper if you take advantage of their discount). They also offer editing and proofreading services.

What we hope to see from AssignmentGeek, however, is a full list of writers and their credentials. This way, customers can have the peace of mind knowing they're working with real professionals.

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#11. 5Homework review

5Homework is good service where you can get college homework help online. They offer 3 main types of services: Homework Services, Academic Writing Services, and Online Class Assistance.

The site claims to have experienced writers and editors with experience and dedication in helping students with their homework. Their starting price is $10, which is an attractive offer for students with a limited budget.

Based on customer feedback, the quality of their papers vary since they have a mix of ESL and ENL writers. If you want to receive the best quality paper, you might have to request for a top writer, although this might come at a hefty price.

#12. BoostMyGrade review

BoostMyGrade online homework assistant employs a team of professionals who also happen to be expert students. They guarantee to ace your homework, tests, quizzes, and yes, even your classes. All you need to do is to hire someone to polish up your homework or hire a tutor to help with your lessons or exams.

As always with this type of service, you must first register an account with them in order to get a free price quote. This can be a bit of a hassle for some customers. On the other hand, they do have live chat support, so you can easily get in touch with a customer rep if you have any questions or inquiries.

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#13. review

DoMyHomework online assignment service mainly caters to high school and college students from the US, UK, and Australia. They harbor numerous professional writers with over 10 years of experience in academic writing, and can cover over 200 different subjects.

With, you can order anything from an essay to a dissertation. They even offer tips and advice on how to master thesis and dissertation writing.

As with most online homework help services, this site requires you to fill in an order form first before getting a price estimate on your order. review

With over 1,000 carefully handpicked writers who are experts in over 50 academic disciplines, makes for a good choice to get you through those sleepless nights.

The starting rate is at $12.13 for a high school level essay. But if you request for a premium writer to work on your assignment, you will have to pay an extra $7 or more per page, which can be pretty hefty for students with a limited budget.

#15. review

This all-around online homework website handles anything from essay writing to technical assignment help and PowerPoint-making. They also offer some of the cheapest writing services in the market, with a starting price of $9 per page for high school level papers. only employs professional writers who can create top-notch papers that deliver the best results. The company claims to have writers with a strong track record in providing extensive research and writing assistance to students.

#16. MyHomeworkDone review

MyHomeworkDone has one of the most well-designed websites we've seen to date. And beyond the aesthetics, they also have a promising lineup of custom writing services. Not only do they offer essay writing, they also provide homework help to high school, college, and MBA students – ranging from Arts and Humanities, to Social and Applied Sciences. They can also take online classes for you, and assist you with tests and exams.

However, their services can be on the expensive side of the spectrum. From $17, MyHomeworkDone can have you shell out more money to get a paper done for you.

#17. JustDoMyHomework review

It is as you'd expect: Just Do My Homework is a writing resource platform that caters to students of all academic levels, including those taking up a master's degree. Their services are divided into three: Writing, Editing, and Slides. For $15, you can get a one-page high school level essay done in 10 days or less.

Our only real concern about JustDoMyHomework is that they don't have a list of their writers, which feels a lot like blindly hiring someone to do the work for you without knowing their credentials. But according to some reviews, this company has a varied mix of ENL and ESL writers.

#18. MyHomeworkHelp review is an accredited website that specializes in providing homework assistance to students. But unlike other companies, MyHomeworkHelp focuses on specific courses like Accounting, Finance, Statistics, and Computer Science. They also offer online tutoring for high school and college students who want to improve and get better grades in more than 20 different subjects.

MyHomeworkHelp doesn’t have a fixed pricing system for their services, which can be a hassle for some customers. Instead, you will be required to submit your assignment first, and then a customer service rep will review, submit, and then send a price quote to you, for free.

Popular Homework Assignment Subjects

Looking for a trusted online service where you can pay someone for homework help is no easy feat. But once you do, it can greatly ease your academic load and help boost your grades and performance at school.

A good online homework helper has an in-house team of talented writers that can cover an extensive range of services and subjects. Some of the most in-demand subjects required by students include:

  • programming
  • physics
  • python
  • math
  • science
  • history
  • statistics
  • geometry
  • SPSS
  • economics
  • coding
  • algebra
  • accounting
  • chemistry
  • spanish
  • computer science
  • calculus
  • french

How to Pay for Homework and Get it Done for Sure?

So now that you've decided to get some help with your homework assignments, it's time to decide which site can effectively assist you.

But how are you supposed to tell reliable online services apart from hundreds of other sites that appear to be fraud and scams? Is there a way to completely avoid them online?

If this is your first time to pay for homework and hire someone online, take note of the following key points to avoid getting scammed:

Are cheaper homework help services better?

Online writing services come in two general types: fixed pricing and bidding system. Of course, both platforms come with a unique set of pros and cons.

But when it comes to hiring someone to do your homework online, it pays to look beyond the pricing. Because unfortunately, not all writing services have their customers' best interest in mind.

Some offer their services at dirt-cheap prices because their writers are mediocre and will deliver substandard or plagiarized papers. So make sure to do your research first when choosing a website that works best for you and your budget.

How important are refund and revision policies?

For a service to do my homework for money, they must always have good policies in place. After all, it's what makes them credible – ensuring that the company won't run away with my money if I'm not fully satisfied with my order.

Refund and revision policies aren't just there for show. They exist to ensure fairness and security for both the customers and writers. A lot of websites may have these policies but only a select few have robust and logical policies that benefit both parties.

Make sure to read through them carefully before making any sort of transaction with an online assignment helper.

Will I put myself at risk if I pay someone for homework online?

Without proper research, you run the risk of hiring a scam writing service. If this happens, you could end up with a poorly written paper or worse, one that's riddled with plagiarized content.

Remember: One wrong move could put a permanent stain on your academic record!

The good thing about hiring a trusted writing company, is that you'll never have to worry about getting caught for using their services. A credible service will do everything to protect their clients' confidentiality, on top of ensuring that all their products are plagiarism-free and are delivered on-time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to get my homework done fast?

A: You can skip the all-nighter and hire an expert writer or tutor from any of the online homework helpers mentioned above. They can have the paper delivered to you in as fast as within 3 hours.

Q: How much should I pay someone to do my homework?

A: A real professional writer won't just settle for a few pennies in return for a well-written paper. The best homework help websites won't always charge for cheap, but will make sure their services are still within a student's budget (and come with premium customer service).

The rule of thumb is that, if a service charges less than $9 per page, then you might want to check their credibility first before doing business with them.

Q: Are homework help websites legal and legitimate?

At the time of writing, countries like Australia have already taken measures to ban students from using custom writing services. Some US academic institutions are also pushing the national government to restrict students from hiring writing services online. But apart from Australia, no other specific law has been passed in other countries, which means it’s still perfectly safe and legal to pay people to do your homework, as long as the purchased paper is used solely as a reference material.

Q: Is it ethical to pay for homework online?

A: There's a crucial caveat to paying for homework assignments. The main purpose of using this type of service is to receive a paper that should be used only as a model/reference paper - a learning aid to help improve your own writing and problem-solving skills.

Ethical issues only arise when a student misuses such services. One common misconduct is when the student submits an ordered paper as their own.

Q: Is there a difference between branded and specific domains?

A: A lot of companies create multiple writing service websites in order to promote their services and to attract more customers. Some brand their sites differently, while others barely leave telltale signs that they're part of a multisite marketing campaign.

Although this type of marketing ploy isn't always bad, it pays to do careful research and know about the company you're planning to do business with. After all, some services exist merely to scam customers!

Q: Where can I read more information about online writing services that can help me do my college homework?

A: A lot of students need help in recognizing trusted homework help providers. For more comprehensive reviews and useful tips in choosing a reliable custom writing service, make sure to check out our blog.

Final Words

Well-done assignments are a reflection of one's academic performance and can greatly impact a student's grades. While there are numerous homework help websites out there, only a few are truly efficient and reliable.

Hopefully, this guide has helped make your search for a trustworthy online homework helper a whole lot easier.

Need a Reliable Essay Writing Service? Hundreds of Students Recommend:

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Best Value
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