I Hate Writing Essays Wall

I Hate Writing Essays Wall? What It's All About?

I hate writing essays so much that I've come up with an idea – there's a bunch of posts and blogs where people "share" their feelings and perspective regarding their papers, but do we really have a "safe space" out there? No, we don't. Actually – we didn't up until now.

The Hate Wall is your space of relief. Tell us everything about how your teachers are strict, how your professors leech your free time by handing out papers too often, how the topics are obscure and dull – that's the purpose of the Hate Wall. However, there are some rules.


Hate Wall Rules

  1. Advertising is STRICTLY prohibited
    We've all seen those types of guys – they come out of nowhere, empathize with you and just before you know it, they're handing out easy ways out. We don't want to see your site, kid, cat, or anything similar here, we're here to fuel the flames of hate towards writing papers and essays.

  2. Hatred is not only allowed, it's encouraged
    The one thing that grinds my gears is waking up knowing that I have to write papers. I know it's an obligation and all, but something deep down starts boiling, my innards turn and twist, and I daresay that's how hatred spells like.

  3. Obscene language is welcome
    There's no shame in saying how you feel, even if it came out wrong judging from the aspect of what's right or wrong to say. However, that doesn't apply here, so say whatever you like.

  4. Be polite to your fellow essay haters
    Even though we're here to hate on our essay writing obligations, we should still be polite to each other while doing so.


Who Can Write My Essay For Me?

Basically, you have tree options – you should either find a nerd who's going to do it for free, or hire the best paper writing service to do it for cash, or do it yourself. If you're asking me, finding a nerd is a bit trickier, so I'd recommend going with write my paper services.

How Do I Hire an Essay Writing Service?

There's a plethora of essay writer services out there – even though all of them have different policies (money-back guarantee, prices, etc.), they're here for the same reason, and that's finishing the paper you hate.

Since you probably have zero experience with essay writing companies, there are a couple of mistakes you might want to avoid.

  • 1. Never settle for the first service you hear about/stumble upon on the Internet
  • 2. Compare multiple companies to find out the differences in their policies and prices
  • 3. Reading online reviews will help you figure out their real value (often called "online reputation").
  1. Check out my reviews and tips
    This fragment of my website contains useful information regarding the most popular (and notorious) essay writing services, including SpeedyPaper, PaperHelp, GradeMiners, as well as several high-quality companies such as EssayPro. Each "review" contains a subjective, as well as objective components, but it's up to you to make the final decision. Knowing that newbies make the same mistakes over and over again, I’ve made a section that will clear it up for you.

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    - 8 Mistakes Newbie Essay Writing Services Users Make

  2. Inquire about the important characteristics of essay writing services
    There are several factors that you should take into account before labelling a company as the "best/legit/safe essay writing service provider".

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    - Is It Safe to Use Online Essay Writing Services?
    - Are Custom Essay Writing Services Legal?

  3. Do some solo searching
    The market gets "fresher" by the day, and new type of essay services (like bidding ones) are popping up by the minute. Needless to say, the competition is quite stiff, so you can expect to find different companies which offer lower prices and superior benefits (coupons, discounts, better deals overall).

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    - Need an Essay Written in 3 Hours? Find the Fastest Essay Services!

How Do I Find a Nerd?

A nerd can be your buddy, your colleague, or pretty much anyone willing to write your essay. I'll give you a few tips how you can find one, though these might not be "ethical" per se:

  1. Learn how to recognize a nerd
    The trickiest part is that not everyone can write your paper. Certain topics are way too specific, and you'll need someone with knowledge regarding the matter. Nerds are often people who have high grades, spend most of their time in the close company of their pets, and are pretty easy to recognize.

  2. Find a suitable "tribute"
    Even though you're getting help for free, it's quite simple – no one is willing to do anything completely "free of charge". Offer to help them out with some problems of their own – knowing that they're usually bad on the social side, ask them out, get a cup of coffee, or anything in this field.

  3. "Coerce" the nerd
    This is the most unethical part. Nerds are quite easy to scare, let alone coerce, so you could always dig up something incriminating that they would gladly pay for your silence with a done paper.

How Do I Shut My Mouth, Stop Whining, and Write Myself?

The last, most obvious solution is manning up – do an all-nighter, kiss your sleep goodbye, and get to work. Whining won't get you anywhere, so let's see what are your options if you've exhausted the previous ones already:

  1. Write with music in the background
    The most gruelling part about writing essays and papers is that the time doesn't flow. You're stuck in a loop that never ends, and that, my friend, is boredom getting to you. Music should spice up the mood a little bit, and you'll finish up quicker.

  2. Start on time
    It's safe to say that organization is the key to success, and this is not an exception. If you can delegate your work and split it up into several little fragments, you could do smaller parts which won't fatigue you as much.

  3. Get your "infernal motivation" going
    Most students have experienced the so-called "infernal motivation". This is the type of drive that propels us to just pull through the nightmare. Think of your hated paper as a boss in a video game, or as a passable obstacle that prevents you from sleeping and having fun.

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