ESL vs ENL Essay Writer: Should You Pay More?

One of the popular mistakes people make when they order their college papers is that they feel indifferent about who's actually doing it.

"It's cool, alright, I won't have to do the paper by myself, and these guys probably know what they're doing. Heck, I'm paying them, so it's bound to be good, right?".

The word "probably" might not mean much, but on the other hand, it could mean the world.

Most top rated paper writing services employ both ESL (English as a Second Language) and ENL (English as a Native Language) writers, and here's some good news – you'll get to pick who you want for your paper, but you will be charged differently, depending on your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm going to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the benefits (and disadvantages) of hiring both ENL and ESL writers:

Do all essay writing services offer ENL writers?

In truth, not all services offer ENL writers. However, those that do pride themselves on that fact and boast about it far and wide. There's a strong possibility that the company which doesn't even mention which writers they employ hosts the staff of exclusively ESL writers.

Why do many services not tell what kind of writer will do the job?

Essay writing companies don't work for peanuts – they work for cash, hence it's in their best interest to guard themselves from dangerous questions while still appearing as upfront and open. Some scam companies hope that you'll pay up even if you're unsatisfied, but there are those that genuinely do a good job.

Knowing this, it's easy to conclude that most people would be dissuaded from using certain essay writing services from certain essay writing companies if they actually knew who's going to do their paper.

How much more expensive ENL essay writer is?

It's hard to answer this question objectively, as prices differ between each company. If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say that an ENL writer is approximately 30-50% more expensive than an ESL writer.

Is ENL writer a guarantee of quality?

Sadly, no. ENL writers won't ensure the quality of your paper. Even though most ENL writers are superior in spoken and written English when compared to ESL writers, some lack the creativity to actually write a piece that could count as good or exceptional.

Where to find ENL and ESL writers?

Your safest bet of finding ENL and ESL writers is to employ the use of essay writing services. These companies are actually hosts and mediators that employ ENL and ESL writers that will, eventually, work on your paper.

If you don't like that concept, you can search on freelance platforms, but I strongly recommend against it, since those are all but reliable. Lastly, you could search on Reddit.

What can you hope of achieving when searching for essay writers on Reddit?

Generally, Reddit is a massive "place" – there are all kinds of things you'll find there, including ENL and ESL writers and essay writing companies. It's tricky business since literally anyone can pose as an ENL writer or a spokesperson for college writing company, but you could easily deduce who's real and fake by checking out their online reputation (reviews, upvotes, etc).

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In which case it is necessary to take ESL writer?

Foreign students will benefit the most from hiring ESL writers. Firstly, these writers are generally cheaper than ENL writers, but more importantly – most foreign students don't actually need the skills of a proper ENL writer for their paper.

Which are the most popular countries of ESL writers?

Even though each country in the world hosts at least several exceptional ESL writers (maybe even ENL writers), Kenya, Pakistan, Philippines, and India are among the most popular ones.

Why are Kenyan essay writers so popular?

As an African continent, Kenyans are often discriminated as people who're not fluent English speakers, let alone writers. However, the truth is far from there. The economical situation in Kenya is quite bad, and they're all hard-working people.

That means that they've taught themselves how to write and speak English and have, through sheer willpower, mastered the language on a par to ENL writers.

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ESL Writers: Pros and Cons

Writers who are not native English speakers form the majority, so it might be helpful for you to know what are the benefits of hiring an ESL writer:

  • They charge significantly less. As I've mentioned previously, ESL writers are nearly half as expensive as ENL writers.

  • Compassion is one of ESL writer's main characteristics. They'll seldom complain about revisions and they'll put their heart and soul into your paper.

  • ESL writers form the majority, so the competition is quite stiff. This means that (nearly) every ESL writer is eager to work hard so as to prove himself/herself.

  • Given the tough competition, ESL writers are constantly developing their skills and are eager to learn more every day. Each paper is another opportunity to learn something new, and they're bound to do the research needed as thoroughly as possible.

ENL Writers: Pros and Cons

Though obvious, hiring an ENL writer will grant you certain benefits, as opposed to hiring an ESL writer. Here are some of the most notable pros:

  • Impeccable grammar is almost guaranteed. English native speakers won't give you the trouble with gibberish content.

  • It's a given that ENL writers spend less time researching the topic, but that means that they're usually creative with their tasks.

  • Statistically, ENL writers perform better and deliver papers of higher quality when compared to ESL writers.

Final Words

All things considered, you shouldn't worry too much about whether you should hire an ENL or ESL writer – you're in a win-win situation either way. ESL writers are aware that they're not as fluent and proficient as ESL writers, but they make up for it with extensive research.

On the other hand, ENL writers might cost a bit more to hire, but they're, more often than not, your best bet of obtaining a high-quality paper.

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