Best Cheap Essay Writing Service: Does It Exist?

Gone are the days when affordability is the only standard measure you need to look for in a service. As the adage goes: "Buy cheap, buy twice". This couldn't be more true if you're looking for the best cheap essay writing service in the market.

It requires a great deal of research to find affordable essay writing services that won't have you risking your academic success. With one wrong choice, you won't get the paper you need on time, get poor grades, and lose your money in the process. The only fail-safe way to avoid this is to turn to an expert who can help find the cheapest essay writing service out there.

Luckily, you've landed on the perfect place to start your quest. Here, we've curated some of the best writing services to find cheap paper writers and reviewed them extensively so you know whom to trust without wasting your money and time.

Cheap Paper Writing Service - Price Segments

Cheap doesn't always mean better. When looking for cheap essay writing services, you need to consider what the price entails.

Conventionally, there are 3 price segments to determine a custom writing service's affordability:

  • Low (below $80 - $100 per work)
  • Medium/Average ($100 - $140 per work)
  • High/Premium (>$150 per work)

We've checked these segments in the market to give you a better insight of what an adequate (and fair) price for a reliable writing service should be. This accounts for all types of academic papers and for the whole order and not just the price per page. This is because a paper gets complex if we take into account factors like the deadline, type of work, writer's level, etc., which directly affect the total cost of the paper.

Cheap Writing Service: What A Student Should Expect?

Below are some things you should expect when choosing a cheap essay writing service:

1. Scarcity

With tens of thousands of essay writing services to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the best option for your writing needs. Naturally, many people will look for the most affordable essay writing company they could find.

But are cheap writing services really that accessible and abundant? Actually, no. No decent company will want to build a business in the low-price segment. In fact, most writing companies are in the medium range, and there are very few websites we can actually recommend.

Most writing services advertise themselves as "cheap", but that doesn't always mean "value for money". Chances are they're a scam or you'll end up paying for a low-quality paper that costs like a premium service.

2. Business Model

Basically, essay writing service works by letting a customer place an order and having a customer service representative look for the best writer themselves. It's fast and convenient.

But here's where the secret lies: The company's business model does affect the price of their services.

We discovered that most cheap writing services have a different business model: they're mostly bidding platforms - marketplaces where students can choose cheap paper writers on their own.

Simply wait for writers to make a bid and choose who among them can offer the cheapest rate for your paper. This is a key point that makes them affordable because

  • A) you can pay at a fixed rate for the whole work; and
  • B) you have complete control on the price of your order.

While this isn't the only business model, it's a highly efficient system that works in favor of both the clients and the writers.

3. Writers

Sadly, you can't always hire the best essay writer for cheap. Just think about it. A writer's fee is already included in the total cost of your order, and writing a paper requires hard work.

Writers who have the necessary skills and expertise, those who can deliver a well-written paper, won't waste their time and effort for just a few pennies. It's already an open secret that if you need a cheap essay writer, you'll have to forget about finding a native-English speaking (ENL) essay writer. These are the folks who would usually charge an exorbitant fee for their service.

Thing is, you don't really have to break the bank in order to hire the best - because many of them don't have to be ENL writers.

The websites we recommend here don't have ENL writers or they're as rare as lunar eclipses on Earth. Chances are you'll be assigned to a non-native (ESL) writer from Kenya, India, or other countries with cheaper workforce.

Real Winners: Best Cheap Essay Writing Services

You won't have to fumble in the dark looking for the cheapest essay writing services which are safe to use. With expert guidance, you can take advantage of both affordability and reliability.

So, who's actually in the game? Two companies come to mind: EssayPro and StudyBay. Let's get more info about them:


EssayPro (4.5/5) - Best Cheap Essay Writing Service

  • PRICE FROM: $11
  • DISCOUNT: 5-30%
  • DEADLINE: 6 hours
  • Money Back Guarantee, Revision Policy

EssayPro is one of the cheapest essay writing services in the market that manage to deliver exactly what students need for their paper assignments. The site uses a bidding system where customers can choose a writer for themselves, based on their preference and budget. Their rates fall within the low-level segment, and they offer flexible discounts for bulk orders.

What we really love about EssayPro is that their writers can work on virtually any type of academic paper. Their team is a mix of ESL writers, most of whom are based in Kenya. And with the company's strict screening process for hiring writers, you can rest assured that your paper will be assigned to a prolific writer who can deliver your paper on time.

Check out our detailed review of EssayPro here.

Why Choose EssayPro?

If you haven't checked out the many good reasons why this one's in our top rating, here's a quick rundown:

  • Long and storied history in the writing service industry
  • Company continues to deliver good works to clients and constantly improves their website and services
  • Extremely user-friendly and navigable website
  • Fine mix of ESL writers
  • Generally positive reviews on TrustPilot and SiteJabber
  • Flexible discount system
  • Lowest price essay offers


StudyBay (4.1/5) - Not a Bad Alternative

  • PRICE FROM: $6
  • DISCOUNT: $10 off, "ILOVESB" promo code
  • DEADLINE: 1 day
  • COMPANY: Edutec LTD
  • COUNTRY: Malta, Russia
  • Money Back Guarantee, Revision Policy

Rarely do we find cheap writing services that get it right both in terms of cost-effectiveness and quality. So in case you won't find what you need from EssayPro, a website like StudyBay will be your next best bet.

StudyBay falls second place in the highest ranking affordable writing services. While it may take some time to find a good writer to bid on your paper, their team of writers continue to grow over time. Most of them are non-natives from countries like Kenya, India, and the Philippines. But just like EssayPro, they follow strict guidelines to hiring writers so rest assured you'll find a real pro to work on your paper, and at cheap rates too. That, in addition to StudyBay's $10 first-order discount, makes them an excellent choice next to EssayPro.

Check out our detailed review of StudyBay here.

What Makes StudyBay a Good Alternative?

  • Writers bid at cheaper rates compared to EssayPro (recommended for students on a very tight budget)
  • Overall good online reputation
  • Variety of talented ESL writers who can deliver the best cheap essays
  • $10 off on first order

… And Now, Back to Reality!

So what does cheap essay writing mean for a student on a budget? The fact that we can only recommend two out of thousands of other cheap writing services, speaks volumes. Cheap is expensive, especially when you end up doing business with the wrong company. Remember, only a miser pays twice.

So what are the common pitfalls to keep in mind when looking for cheap writing services online? Here are some words of advice from us to potential clients:

1. Buying a Paper From the Cheapest Option

There are those who look for "cheap academic writing services" and sad to say, they're the real fools here. If you're out looking for an economical option, here's the rule of thumb:

For simple essays, buying a paper from a cheap writing service may work. For complex projects, you can benefit more from services in the medium or premium level price segments. Otherwise, you can expect lower quality papers and may need to rewrite the essay or worse, hire another service.

2. Finding the Perfect Writer Takes Time

Expect to spend more time looking for the ideal writer from a cheap writing service. Remember that the best in the industry don't always work for cheap, so it won't be easy finding them in the low-price spectrum of the market.

3. Buying from High-Ranking Websites Found on Google

This isn't always a bad thing but in the case of cheap essay writer sites, jumping straight to the first writing company that appears in your Google search may just be the first bad decision you'll make.

Example: You may find a site that charges as low as $7 per page but with a deadline for, say, 20 days or more. Unless you're preparing a thesis, offers like this is a big JOKE. But when you order the same type of paper with a 2-day deadline, the price nearly triples - same rates as premium services! A good example of such example is 7DollarEssay's scheme, so consider yourself warned.

Here's the gist: You can't always trust Google search results. Don't settle for any website that claims to be the "cheapest". There's a huge difference between claiming to be cheap and being actually cheap.

In fact, if you land on a site that promises to deliver cheap writing services within 24 hours or less, you might as well look the other way because even the best cheap essay writers don't have the superpowers to deliver high-quality work in such a short span of time. If anything, chances of plagiarism are very high!

Working on a well-written essay is a difficult task (which is the reason you're ordering a paper to begin with). Again, cheap writing services are only advisable for simple papers. Otherwise, you need to prepare to spend a decent amount of cash.

What If I Want a Good Average-Priced Service?

Now, you'll have weighed down the pros and cons of buying a paper from a cheap essay writing service. What then, if the paper you need cannot be catered to by EssayPro or StudyBay? What if you need a professional writer who can better handle a more complex paper? In this case, we recommend our top services that belong to the medium/high price segment.

Average-priced writing services are those with a team of writers that have the necessary skill sets and experience to write more complex academic papers. Most of these writers also have Master's or doctoral degrees, and are therefore more versatile in various fields of study.

Need a Reliable Essay Writing Service? Hundreds of Students Recommend:

Editor's Choice
cost estimate: $150
deadline: 3 hours

visit service get 10% off read review
cost estimate: $140
deadline: 6 hours

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are cheap essay writing services safe?

Yes. With proper research and guidance, you can get a quality paper from an affordable writing service. However, we strongly advise not to do business with companies that are not in our list of recommendations.

People say that prewritten essays are cheaper. Is this a good idea?

Definitely NOT! While prewritten papers may be cheaper, you're at a higher risk of buying a paper that's been rewritten or worse, plagiarized.

Can I have a cheap essay in just hours?

Maybe in another universe. Even the cheapest writing company with their top writer won't be able to deliver the quality paper you need in less than 24 hours - unless they're superhuman!

How can I make the most out of cheap essay writing services?

To get a cheaper price, you can take advantage of existing discounts. Almost all services offer discounts. Some even have loyalty programs for returning customers where they can get additional discounts.

Do you guarantee the quality of your recommended websites?

As much as we want to deliver excellence at all times, we don't own any of these writing services companies. We are a third-party website, completely independent from these services and therefore have no impact on the quality of their services.


When looking for a solution to your academic writing problem, don't be penny wise and pound foolish. Sure, you may be desperate to get your hands on the top cheap assignment writing services out there, but it's important to stay critical and attentive.

Be wary of offers that are too good to be true and don't let unbelievably low prices tempt you. Make it a habit to check our reviews, look for customer feedback, and try out the 2 cheap essay writing companies we recommend for simple essay tasks.

David Anderson is the founder of IHateWritingEssays. He hates the idea of companies baiting unsuspecting individuals with fraudulent services. Starting from school, he too, struggled to find a helping hand when it comes to writing assignments. Over time, he focused on publishing comprehensive reviews and helping students find reliable essay services. Thus, the review site came to be – serving as the "voice and the iron fist" of an industry expert.