7 Mistakes Newbie Essay Writing Services Users Make

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We all have to make that first step if we need help with our assignments – contacting and contracting the paper writing companies is the first one, so what are the mistakes most of us make during the process? Scroll down to find out:


Deadlines – one of the most common mistakes

Simply put, a "deadline" is the time you specified by which your paper should be done. It always seem plain – you need a paper done by tomorrow, for example, so you'll set the deadline for "tomorrow", right? Wrong. This is one of the most common mistakes newbies make.

Yes, there are a number of services that are able to complete an essay in a few hours. Unfortunately, it would be extremely expensive.

There are numerous factors that could prevent your assigned writer from completing the task within the given time period. Urgent cases, such as unpredicted illness or pregnancy could delay the work. On the other hand, certain topics require more time than you'd expect. That's why you always need to add an extra day to the deadline – consider it as a pre-emptive counter measure.

Nevertheless, if you made such a mistake, I advise you to read my article about recommended actions for missed deadlines.


Revisions and why didn't you ask for one?

There's a plethora of reasons why your writer failed to follow the exact instructions you provided. More often than not, you didn't mention certain specific details you wanted included, other times it's just a plain misunderstanding. Regardless of the reason, your paper came out wrong, so what do you do?

Newbies are often content with what they get, thinking that they should've paid more for a better-quality paper, but that's so far from the truth that it often hurts their pockets.

Nearly all write my essay services allow you to benefit from their revision policies. Read them carefully, and you'll know how to change your paper accordingly.


Being ill-equipped with knowledge regarding the essay writing websites types

There are couple of essay writer company types – some use fixed pricing mechanisms, others use the bidding system.

Even though the first system is significantly easier to use, I highly advise that you try out the highest rated bid college assignment companies as well. Bidding system allows you to check out both the bids and profiles of multiple writers and choose the one that suits you the best.


Sticking to "your guns"

There's a plethora of college writing companies out there, and there's only a couple of reasons why you would stick with your "comfortable" name. Of course, if you are satisfied, it's only normal that you continue to order your papers from the company which services you've employed thus far, but giving other ones a shot is highly recommendable.

Even though no one can safely compare the quality of writers between different companies (again, there are numerous factors that differ the "good" from the "best", the "bad" writers are easy to spot), the benefits of different companies are seen with different money-back and revision policies, as well as discounts and other benefits.


Requesting an ENL writer being a foreign student

This is a very common mistake many students do not even think about. Just imagine: you hand over a paper written by an ENL writer while you don't have the required language skills.

Rest assured, this is a red flag for you. College and university professors aren't fools. They will immediately understand that you used a paid writing service.


Not knowing how to approach or choose your writer

Being able to keep in touch with your writer is highly advisable – not only will you make sure that your instructions are followed to the letter, but you'll be able to revise the article faster and more correctly.

On the other hand, leaving the mediation to other people thinking that "they know what's best for you" is just one of the mistakes most newbies make. Again, what seems to be easier isn't necessarily better for you.


Not sharing your experiences

Leaving reviews after you've received your first paper helps everyone out. If you're satisfied, you can help the company expand by recommending it or leaving out a positive feedback.

On the other hand, there's a plethora of scammers (one, two, three), so you should let everyone know that you've been ripped off – I'm certain you would've been grateful if you found such a comment beforehand.

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