What is the Best Bidding Essay Writing Service?

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It's difficult sometimes for students to find the best writers for assignment tasks. That is why essay writing services offer various ways of handling this.

One tactic is to allow several writers to bid on an assignment. This is the so-called "bidding system". The other is where the writing service chooses the most qualified writer for the task at hand, "writer assigned" system, to put it another way.

I've taken upon the task of reviewing several essay writing companies which use the bidding system so that you don't have to look far and wide – you'll find all the info you need in the sections below.

Unfortunately, only a handful of essay writing services can actually live up to their promises of delivering quality, 100% original content. If you're a first-time user, you're in good hands with the help of our essay buying tutorial.

Bidding Essay Services

Bidding essay services give students the chance to choose from a pool of qualified writers. Clients look at ratings vis-à-vis the pricing before assigning tasks.


  • Because of the stiff competition between writers looking to bag a deal, students usually get the price advantage.
  • Clients are also likely to hire highly qualified contractors in this way. See, some writers have no problem with working for a price that's a fraction of their real worth. They are okay with this as long as they get high ratings in return.


  • Choosing a writer with the best terms from a pool of maybe hundreds of offers takes considerable time.
  • Some bidding essay writing services are notorious for hosting contractors who are skilled at manipulating the system. The ones who keep on winning jobs because they charge low fees in exchange for glowing feedback.

Traditional Writer Assigned Essay Sites

With traditional essay sites, you get to hire a writer at a predetermined price. They save you the legwork of going through offers. One advantage of this approach is that you're sure that the contractor assigned to you is the most skilled in that subject area.


  • You get a writer with proven skills and experience. Because the site takes all the blame if you're not satisfied with your paper, it's careful to choose only the best for your task.
  • The site does all the vetting for you when you place an order. You may request for the same writer for ongoing tasks.


  • Good luck trying to bag a good deal with a writer from a traditional essay site. The prices are set beforehand. So be prepared to fork out a handsome sum if you're after an advanced level contractor.
  • You might thus have to live with the nagging feeling that there were better-suited writers than the one the company assigned you.

2nd Place


3rd Place


4th Place


Okay, so Who's In?

Some of the best online essay writing service companies have joined in the contest, but only one could possibly bear the title of the "victor". Even though all of these names may not ring a bell to you, rest assured that I wouldn't take up your precious time with just anybody, especially not underdogs. We're going to evaluate the real value behind EssayPro, StudyBay, Bid4Papers, and EduBirdie.

1. EssayPro Essay Writing Service

There's no doubt that EssayPro is among the finest paper writing services on the market. Their writers perform flawlessly, and these guys have earned a staggering amount of fame among students due to their impeccable quality.

Essay Pro offers everything a regular essay writing company should – quality work backed by convenient guarantees and policies, only they do it slightly better than others.


Owned by: EssayPro
Twin websites*: not found


2. StudyBay Essay Writing Service

Online ratings of StudyBay are somewhat shaky, their platform somewhat unreliable, and it's safe to say that finding a good writer might take a while.

However, they're characterized with quality work, and the majority of students like them. Even though there's a couple of things you might not like right off the bat, there's a handful of things Study Bay excels at, so they're definitely worth checking out, at the very least.


Owned by: Tossox Holdings Ltd
Twin websites*: not found


3. Bid4Papers Essay Writing Service

If you consider yourself to be a lucky person, Bid4Papers (or one of its twin websites*) might just be what you're after. Personally, I didn't have the luck needed to get a good writer assigned for my first paper, but, essentially, the mistake was mine, as I went with the writer who posted the lowest bid.

Undoubtedly, the high-bidding writers working for Bid 4 Papers can't be compared to the one I got, and I'm certain you'll find their bidding system as useful.


Owned by: ONE Freelance Limited
Twin websites*: essayshark.com, essayhave.com, thepensters.com, writemyessayonline.com

4. EduBirdie Essay Writing Service

A couple of things make EduBirdie different from other essay writing services. They use a simple variation of the bidding system – rather than choosing a writer from a pool of bidders, you'll get to choose a group from which the writers should be "pulled".

There's standard, premium, and platinum quality groups, but the first is a bit puffed up in my opinion. Regardless, Edu Birdie system offers more complexity, the payment process is fairly straightforward, and there are minor quality issues you should worry about.


Owned by: Boosta
Twin websites*: essayvikings.com, edusson.com, samedaypapers.com, eduzaurus.com, paperial.com, papersowl.com, studyfaq.com

* "Twin websites" means that the company creates and promotes identical services with different domain names.


A test order should give you a clearer picture of what you should expect, and what will occur once you've placed an order for your paper. Other than that, certain companies are notorious for manipulating the rules in accordance to their own statutes – these hidden rules are often stated in places where you'd look the last, right beneath the wall of heavily accentuated text.

More often than not, the price which the order generator estimates differs from the one you'll be charged with, so using the benefits of my test order should provide clarity and much-needed certainty.

Placing a test order

I was curious about the issue most companies make with their orders regarding the price, so I've placed a test order on the official websites of these four essay writing services (EssayPro, StudyBay, BidrPapers, and EduBirdie), requesting:

  • an essay titled as "Should immigrants from predominantly Islamic countries be banned from emigrating to the U.S.?"
  • with a 2 days deadline and
  • entry quality level.
EssayPro proved to be a very adequate option with average prices and a large number of bids. I believe this is the perfect golden mean and good value for money. In addition, EssayPro offers a great discount system depending on the number of pages ordered. That's why I often use the services of Essay Pro.

2 pages ($32.49)

3 pages ($46.17)

4 pages ($58.14)

5 pages ($68.4)

6 pages ($76.95)

7 pages ($83.79)


StudyBay offered the lowest prices and the largest number of writers, many of whom are qualified and experienced. Unlike most bidding services, StudyBay offers $10 first order discount for all students (insert "ILOBESB" promo code).


Bid4papers is not the best option because of the high price. Why pay more if you can get the same quality elsewhere?

EduBirdie turned out to be an unreasonably expensive option, especially for students. Knowing from my experience what quality they provide, I can not recommend this service. EduBirdie is a total rip-off.
Service (Mark) Min Bid Max Bid # of Bids
EssayPro (3/4) $50.54 $75 50
StudyBay (4/4) $41 $52 63
Bid4Papers (1.7/4) $116.7 $283.4 44
EduBirdie (1.3/4) $183.5 $202.25 12

Some conclusions

Ordering a paper via bidding is a hit-or-miss, no matter which bid writing services you choose. Ultimately, it will depend on the type of paper you order and the bidding writers.

I've already pointed you out to the best bidding site for higher chances of hiring a good writer at an affordable price. But take note that even the best won't always be able produce a writer for you right away. And depending on the complexity, the writer may even charge a steep price.

At this point, you may want to go for bidding sites, but paper quality isn't always assured. It's best to weigh in your options first before choosing a bidding platform.

Types of Papers

There are numerous types of papers which you can place an order on, and the criteria for their categorization are plenty as well. Some categories also feature sub-groups – for instance, you can place an order on any article (general meaning) or, more specifically, article review.

All paper writing service websites allow you to choose from a plethora of most common essay types, such as assignments, dissertations, article review, and such.
Service (Mark) Types of Papers
EssayPro (4/4) any type
StudyBay (4/4) any type
Bid4Papers (4/4) any type
EduBirdie (4/4) any type


Deadlines serve as indicators of urgency – if you're in a real rush, being able to choose the deadline for your paper could mean win or lose, A or F. Best essay writer services offer different deadlines, and this diversity makes choosing between them more comfortable.

EssayPro states that their lowest deadline is 6 hours, but the customer support told me that their writers can make do with as little as an hour for menial tasks. It means EssayPro is one of the fastest essay writing services!

StudyBay, on the other hand, doesn't offer any means for quick delivery. You can state the deadline by which your order should be finished, but the lowest you can go is a full day.

Bid4papers share a similar story to that of StudyBay company, but their support told me that the time needed for my paper could be cut short to several hours if simple essays are in question.

EduBirdie offers flexible means of choosing your desired deadline, but the fact that you could get your paper finished in mere three hours places them on a higher pedestal when compared to the aforementioned companies.
Service (Mark) Minimal deadline
EssayPro (4/4) 1-2 hours
StudyBay (1/4) 24 hours
Bid4Papers (4/4) 1-2 hours
EduBirdie (2/4) 3 hours

2nd Place


3rd Place


4th Place


Revision Policy

Basically, revision policies go two-ways. First, they provide you with opportunity to revise the essay if the end result doesn't quite fit the description of what you wanted and secondly, it serves as a mechanism which prevents clients from abusing the system – if it weren't for this, a lot of writers would feel less inclined to take up this line of work.

Essaypro's revision policy states that every customer should be able to get their paper redone if they're unsatisfied with how it was written, and they add that they "rarely face serious issues" regarding revisions. The writers are open to make changes for as long as they're in accord with the initial instructions. Note that if you order a paper and download it in its entirety, you will still be able to file for revision during two days after.
Personally, I think that EssayPro's policy is fair and straightforward. In my own opinion, it gives you more opportunities to easily make the final changes to your essay without going through too much trouble.

StudyBay regulated the matter of revision policy in a somewhat unconventional way. They've numbered the key points of how their services work, and you'll find the rules related to the revision policy under the point number four, which further states the situations in which revisions would be applicable. Even though this policy is well regulated in terms of accuracy, it's not exactly easy to grasp.
Even though initially I wasn't very content with how StudyBay regulated their policy, I found it as "ok" after sifting through walls of information on their official websites. Suffice to say, the process of understanding their revision policy will be time-consuming, but it will pay off, should you consider to employ their services.

Much akin to the StudyBay's policy, the one which regulates the terms and conditions of using such a feature on Bid4Papers doesn't function standalone. Revisions are regulated within the F.A.Q. section, where you'll find that you're entitled to revisions only in the event that you accept the full obligation relationship (order paper plus pay up front).
In a nutshell - Bid4Papers revision policy was not to my liking. It appears to safeguard the interests of the company and puts the customers in a tough spot by leaving them with little hints related to understanding how the policy actually works.

Lastly, EduBirdie offers simple means to revise your paper. If it has been completed in full (and the documents has been uploaded already), you're entitled to a "grace period" of three days. This gap can be used to send complaints and revision requests which is fairly decent, to say the least. Even though this situation is nowhere near favourable, most companies would leave you with less means to revise your paper.
Service (Mark) Revisions Warranty Period
EssayPro (3.5/4) free 2 days
StudyBay (4/4) free 20 days
Bid4Papers (2.5/4) free n/a
EduBirdie (3.5/4) free 3 days

Refund Policy

While revisions should be used to adjust the paper's content to what you really want, refunds are supposed to give you a chance to back out of an unfavourable deal. Certain companies back their quality with "refund policies" which are more of a boast than a conventional tool for students, but they're useful either way.

First of all, EssayPro offers the best refund policy (when compared to the other three companies). The customer support staff is loyal beyond any doubt to students who hire writers from their company, hence they offer full money back in case you're unsatisfied with quality.

StudyBay also features a money back guarantee which is characterized as "limited warranty". Namely, the cases in which you'll be able to get back the full sum you paid are in the sphere of fiction, but you'll be able to get a fraction back, at the very least. Revisions are free, though.

Bid4Papers company has done a great job with their refund options. There is no conventional policy that can be used as leverage, but the platform offers an easy "release" button for the transfer of funds. The only thing that will help you save your money is the fact that you don't have to pay up front.

EduBirdie users will be able to get their money back if they're unsatisfied with quality, but there's a little exception. Once the payment has been released and the project accepted, the entire sum is non refundable.
Service (Mark) Refund Policy
EssayPro (4/4) loyal
StudyBay (3/4) moderate
Bid4Papers (1/4) strict
EduBirdie (2/4) moderate

Overall Results

Basically, the four companies I've mentioned in the sections above are some of the best on the market. Clearly, some do a better job than the others, but they're all good for the buck.

EssayPro is, undoubtedly, the best rated cheapest writing service in this contest. They have all the features a student could want, they're not too expensive, and their characterized with high-quality work, as well as professional staff outfit.

StudyBay might be a bit cheaper than most essay writing services with a bidding system, but you won't be able to get your papers pronto. A small flaw, but sufficient to move it down from the top. Undoubtedly, it's a great custom essay writing service.

Bid4Papers services are remarkably expensive, and their safety policies (money-back and revision) are a bit shady.

Lastly, EduBirdie features an amazing, user-friendly platform, but their services are too expensive for their real value.

Service Overal Results
1. EssayPro 18.5/20
2. StudyBay 16/20
3. Bid4Papers 13.2/20
4. EduBirdie 12.8/20


As you can see, there's a handful of good bidding websites for you to choose from. However, there are just as many – if not more – services that may not be worth taking a risk due to the overall poor performance of their writers, not to mention the often-extortionate prices they charge their clients.

Because of this, you may be better off with writing sites that do not require you to bid, like writer-assigned platforms that come with fixed rates on their services.


2nd Place


3rd Place


4th Place


David Anderson is the founder of IHateWritingEssays. He hates the idea of companies baiting unsuspecting individuals with fraudulent services. Starting from school, he too, struggled to find a helping hand when it comes to writing assignments. Over time, he focused on publishing comprehensive reviews and helping students find reliable essay services. Thus, the review site came to be – serving as the "voice and the iron fist" of an industry expert.