I Need to Edit My Essay Online! What are Good College Essay Editing Services?

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Have you ever asked yourself, "Can someone proofread, revise, and edit my essay?" A simple Google search can point you to thousands of websites claiming to be the best college essay editing services. But how can you tell which are legit?

When your grades are on the line, you should never take a chance! On this page, we’re going to show you which of these college essay editor companies offer reliable and confidential essay edit service at student-friendly rates. We’ve prepared a guide on how to get the best editing help for your dissertation, medical, common college application, or any type of essay. Below, we have a list of best essay editing services reviews where you can get the quality help with your essay.

Top College Essay Editing Service Reviews

"What can I use online to edit my essay?" To answer your question, there are a handful of trustworthy websites that can help edit your paper, but we know that choosing one from a vast sea of options can be time-consuming.

To make your search easier, we’ve rounded up a list of college essay editing service reviews and ranked them based on the cost, customer service, and paper quality.

Need a Reliable Essay Writing Service? Hundreds of Students Recommend:

Most Popular
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Best Value
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pendrago.com review
  • PRICE FROM: $17.56
  • DISCOUNT: 10%
  • DEADLINE: 3 hours
  • COMPANY: WebDolphin LTD
  • Money Back Guarantee, Revision Policy

PenDrago: Best Essay Editing Service

PenDrago.com employs over 500 degree holders with extensive experience not just in writing, but in editing and proofreading, as well. With their editing service, they can help improve the flow and structure of your essay, as well as optimize word choice. Their team is comprised of the industry’s top 2% talents, so rest assured that you’ll get the college best essay editing service money can buy.


This online college essay editing help offers one of the most reasonably priced editing services on the market. They cater to any type of essay, including college admission, argumentative, exposition, narrative, and many more.

Their starting price is at $3.90 per 100 words, unlike other services that charge per page. This means you no longer have to estimate the number of pages you need.

sample essay editing order on pendrago.com

For example, if you order a 5-page college essay (which may contain 1500 words) that’s due in 2 days, you’ll pay approximately $100, notwithstanding the formatting style.

sample essay editing order on pendrago.com

NOTE: The price for PenDrago’s editing already includes their full proofreading service. You no longer have to pay extra, so the choice is obvious.

Why Choose PenDrago?

This website is a leading provider of quality essay writing and editing services. They have a great online reputation, with stellar college essay editing service reviews from both customers and writers.

overall Pendrago score at Sitejabber

Most importantly, they give value for money, as the price of their editing already comes included with proofreading, formatting, and grammar checking. They may not be the cheapest, but it’s worth paying more when you know you’re getting premium service.

eduvinci.com review
  • PRICE FROM: $10
  • DISCOUNT: 10%
  • DEADLINE: 6 hours
  • COMPANY: A Speedy Company LLC
  • Money Back Guarantee, Revision Policy

EduVinci: Great Value for Money

If you’re still wondering, "Are there other places to edit my college essay?", then EduVinci.com makes for a good alternative. Besides writing from scratch, they provide editing services for any type of essay or academic paper. They may have a relatively small team of writers, but are carefully handpicked and evaluated, with extensive experience in proofreading and editing academic papers for various academic fields.


EduVinci’s editing service is budget-driven, making them a top choice for students. The price of your order depends on certain factors, including academic level, type of paper, number of pages, and deadline.

sample order on eduvinci.com

Price starts at $5 per page (250 words – not 300 words unlike PenDrago). So if you need a 5-6-page (1375-1650 words) college-level essay edited for you within two days, expect to pay approximately $65-78.

sample order on eduvinci.com

NOTE: Besides writing from scratch and editing, EduVinci also provides paraphrasing, rewriting - perfect for those who require a more specific type of academic assistance.

Why Choose EduVinci?

EduVinci has gained a good reputation for its pool of carefully selected and seasoned professionals who have the appropriate skill sets and credentials to write, edit, and proofread academic papers.

eduvinci.com overall rating

Their prices are fair, considering the level of quality their writers can deliver. While their pricing isn’t the cheapest, students will soon find that they’ll get value for their bucks.

essaypro.com review
  • PRICE FROM: $11
  • DISCOUNT: 5%
  • DEADLINE: 6 hours
  • Money Back Guarantee, Revision Policy

EssayPro: Cheap Editing Help

"Is there a marketplace where I can find someone to edit my essay for cheap?" If you’re wondering the same thing, then EssayPro may just be your solution. This bidding platform is where you can find affordable essay edit service and have more freedom to choose an editor according to your needs and budget. And if you have an Android device, you can download their mobile app, where it’s easier to place an order, chat with your editor, and keep track of the progress of your paper.


EssayPro is one of the best and safest places to find a cheap college essay editor who has the skills and experience needed to polish up your essay.

sample order on essaypro.com

Given the nature of the bidding system, there’s no fixed price on their editing services. To get a price quote, you’ll have to place an order with them first. There are different rates for editing and proofreading, but on average, price starts at $4 per page (275 words).

So if you need to have 5 pages of a college-level essay edited within 2 days, you’ll have to pay around $50-75, depending on your chosen editor.

sample order on essaypro.com

Why Choose EssayPro?

Although most of their writers are non-natives, EssayPro is a great place to find experts who aren’t just talented, but are also dedicated to helping students with their academic writing needs.

essaypro.com reviews on SiteJabber are positive

They’re no doubt a popular choice among students, owing to the fact they’re cheap and the prices for their editing and proofreading services are highly negotiable.

edudemius.com review
  • PRICE FROM: $10
  • DISCOUNT: 10%
  • DEADLINE: 3 hours
  • COMPANY: DDW Corporation LTD
  • COUNTRY: Cyprus
  • Money Back Guarantee, Revision Policy

EduDemius: Good Value for Money

Ever asked yourself, "Are there other services that can edit my college essay?" You might just find your answer with EduDemius. The company labels itself as an all-around professional academic writing assistance, but it’s with their editing services that their team of professionals truly shine. They cater to students of all academic levels, with editors who have the experience and expertise to work on any type of paper.


Unlike most other essay writing services, EduDemius offers editing, proofreading, and formatting as its distinct services. They cater to any type of academic paper, with writers who are well-versed in subjects like Accounting, English, Literature, Technology, Healthcare and Medicine, and many more.

The price for their editing service starts at $10 per page (275 words), depending on the academic level, number of pages, and deadline.

sample order on edudemius.com

If you order a 5-page, college-level essay that’s due in 2 days, you’ll have to shell out approximately $75 or more. If you need a more full-fledged writing service, you may want to check out PenDrago.

Why Choose EduDemius?

EduDemius is a good option if you require some distinct light service like editing or proofreading. They have just the right people on their team who have the experience needed to be able to deliver quality editing that’s worth the price you’ll pay.

However, if you need more extensive services like writing from scratch, there are better alternatives that offer a more varied list of writing services, at the right price.


At this point, you’ll have answered the question, "Which service can I use to proofread and edit my essay?" Remember that while there are a handful of other cheap and reliable college essay editing services out there, we’ve cut out the work for you by rounding up the top best websites.

Ultimately, every student has a unique set of requirements, so your choice of editing service depends on your needs and budget. Overall, PenDrago.com checks all the boxes in terms of the best experience and customer satisfaction, while the others in the list are great alternatives if you can’t find what you need from them.

College Essay Editing Services: Everything You Need to Know

If you found yourself Googling "who can proofread and edit my essay", then you’re probably desperate to polish up your own essay. But if you think that editing college essay is just a means of reviewing your paper to identify mistakes, you’re wrong. In fact, editing and proofreading are two different stages of the writing process. This is why many students hire a professional college essay editing service once they’ve finished writing the first draft of their essay.

While there’s an abundance of online college essay editing services, you must first determine what specific type of service you need in certain circumstances. Below is how most essay writing companies categorize their services:

Essay Editing

With this type of service, your hired expert will perform the editing from the first draft of the essay, continuing until the paper is finalized. This service is offered to students who want to:

  • have a second pair of eyes who can address the core features of essay writing;
  • have the word count reduced according to the assigned limit;
  • improve the tone and language by making necessary changes to enhance clarity and readability, and for a smooth narration;
  • improve the overall writing quality of their essay.


Unlike editing, proofreading is performed only on the final draft of your essay. This type of service is available to those who want to:

  • eliminate grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, as well as formatting mistakes and other inconsistencies;
  • make an already well-written essay completely error-free;
  • refine the essay so it best reflects their writing skill and successfully communicates what they want to convey.

Editing VS Proofreading

When a student looks up services that offer editing college essay, the terms “editing” and “proofreading” are often interchanged. By definition, proofreading is just a surface-level check and takes less turnaround time compared to editing. So while proofreading only aims to correct misspellings, punctuation errors, and other inconsistencies, editing aims to fix issues at the core of writing such as sentence structure and language clarity. By combining proofreading and editing, your essay will have improved clarity, readability, and tone.


If a student doesn’t have adequate knowledge and expertise in editing college essay, they might not be able to copy with revisions in the best way. For this matter, online essay revision may be necessary.

Revising predetermines editing and proofreading, which entails correcting all obvious mistakes found the essay. This service is usually offered for free in most essay writing services, and is used when:

  • The essay is returned and the professor has recommended some changes to the essay;
  • The student is at a loss after the first essay submission and they don’t know how to improve their paper according to their instructor’s comments and recommendations.

In this case, a revision is necessary, where the assigned writer is in-charge of deleting irrelevant or unnecessary information, and may add additional data according to the student’s instructions.

Revision VS Rewriting

For those who are new to services that offer essay editing for college students, revision is no different from rewriting when in fact, there’s a huge difference between the two.

In essence, rewriting belongs to revision services. However, rewriting mainly focuses on paraphrasing an essay in another way. Revision, on the other hand, aims on improving the overall quality of the essay, and not just changing the wording.


When it comes to writing an essay, structure is essential. A student may require this type of service if they need to ensure the correctness of the following formats:

  • Academic style of writing (APA, MLA, Chicago, etc.)
  • Running heading on each page
  • Title page format (topic, author, running head, education institution)
  • Written abstract
  • In-text citations and references

Additionally, formatting ensures that your paper is free of extra spaces in places where they are not needed.

Grammar Audit

"Can a writing service edit my grammar?" Nowadays, a number of essay writing services also offer grammar audit, oftentimes as an add-on feature that incurs extra fees. You may need extensive grammar audit if you need to have your essay checked and corrected for the following:

  • Proper sentence structures
  • Comma splices or fused sentences
  • Proper coordination of conjunctions
  • Use of passive or active voice
  • Proper subject-verb agreement
  • Proper use of “A” and “An”
  • Proper use of pronouns
  • Use of strong verbs
  • Paragraph development


If I hire someone for proofreading and edit my essay, will I get a new paper?

The answer is a resounding NO.

Many students expect that when they hire a proofreading or editing service, they’ll automatically receive a new paper, and then complain when they only get what the service entails. Oftentimes they end up arguing with the service provider and write bad reviews online. The thing is, the cost of these services are completely different from when you hire someone to write an essay for you from scratch.

Listen: You get what you pay for, so don’t be a dick!

Need a Reliable Essay Writing Service? Hundreds of Students Recommend:

Most Popular
visit service get 10% off read review
visit service get 5% off read review
Best Value
visit service get 10% off read review
Learn how use essay writing services in a smart and safe way.CHECK THE BLOG

What Are the Signs of the Best Essay Editing Services?

A reliable college essay editing company must have a diverse pool of subject-specific academic editors who are familiar with and are capable of working on the essay based on your chosen subject or study field.

Varied Options

Progress Tracking


Fast Turnaround

1. Varied Options

Editing isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. A reliable essay editor can cater to every customer’s unique needs. While one may require a simple and straightforward editing, another may need a more comprehensive proofread, or formatting alone. A company that offers multiple service options ensures your essay’s message is clearly conveyed, with impeccable flow and grammar.

2. Progress Tracking

Top college essay editing services often offer end-to-end services. Meaning, customers have an open and direct line of communication with their editor, where they can keep track of the progress of their essay from beginning to end. The editor can also guide the client through polishing their paper, and the client can provide instructions and corrections when necessary.

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- 16 Mistakes Newbie Essay Writing Services Users Make

3. Confidentiality

As a student submitting unpublished work, it’s important to be aware of the confidentiality risks that come with hiring essay editing services. Before making any transaction, make sure to check their privacy policies and protocols to protecting your paper and your personal information.

4. Fast Turnaround Time

The best editors can work under pressure, which means they should be able to deliver your paper if an urgent edit or proofread is required. If speed matters to you, we recommend checking our best fast essay help websites.

5. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Scour the Internet and turn to independent essay editing service reviews platforms for feedback from customers. Find out what they say about a company and gain insights into the pros and cons of choosing their service. Additionally, look for details like the number of years they’ve been in business, number of documents they’ve edited/proofread, etc.

When Do I Need A College Essay Editor?

When it comes to essay writing, putting your thoughts in writing is only the first step. You need to strike an academic tone, convince your reader of your arguments, and get your message across - all by following the standard rules of grammar.

With the help of college admission essay editing services, you can express your ideas according to the standards of your chosen academic field. Below are some instances where you may need the help of an online college application essay editor:

I. Revise a Standard College Essay

Students are required to write several different essays, be it argumentative, narrative, descriptive, or expository. No matter how confident you are with your writing skills, making a few mistakes in your essay is inevitable. A lot of instructors do not tolerate errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. And if you fail to follow directions, you’ll get a low grade. But with the help of a college essay editor, your paper will be as polished and compelling as it can be to your reader.

II. College Common Application Editing Essay

Admission essay editing is one of the most in-demand editing services. Student applicants who want to increase their chances of winning a spot in their dream college will want to have their paper revised or edited for it be flawless.

With the help of college application essay professional editing, you can show admissions officers who you are and why they should choose you. A strong admission essay can boost your chances of getting accepted. Professional college application essay editing services will help you by:

  • correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and typographical errors on your paper;
  • improving clarity, precision, and readability;
  • providing recommendations and guidance to address potential issues and problem areas; and
  • providing suggestions to further refine your writing and the focus of the essay.

This type of service is designed to help you fix areas of concern while strengthening your writing.

Meanwhile, if you need help writing an application from scratch or just have an editing, make sure to check out our comprehensive list of application essay writing and editing services for recommendations.

III. Thesis / Dissertation Editing

Another popular type of editing service among students. With professional dissertation editing services, you can get dissertation editing help from an expert who can amend the structure of your paper to make it readable, eliminate sections that are irrelevant to the main points, and ensure that the tone and writing style are appropriate for your reader.

Read more about the best dissertation writing and editing services in our comprehensive guide.

IV. Medical School Personal Statement Editing

Students who wish to apply to medical schools are required to submit a personal statement which explains their educational background, research plan, interests, and the reasons they are a good fit for the school.

With the help of a professional medical school personal statement editing service, an editing expert can help you analyze and understand the prompt, and ensures your writing contains all the relevant information in the right place, all while meeting the word count requirement.

Go through our list of top medical school essay writing services to see which one suits you best.

V. Law School Personal Statement Editing Service

Another popular editing service specifically tailored for students applying to law school. A professional editor can review your personal statement, edit grammar and spelling errors, and upgrade your statement’s structure and overall flow so that it stands out among hundreds of applicants receive by law school admissions officers.

Check out our list of top-rated law assignment writing services for reliable and affordable writing/editing help.

VI. Scholarship Essay Editing

Winning a scholarship grant is more challenging than getting into college. For this, you need to write the perfect scholarship essay to win money. A college scholarship essay editing expert can help you generate stimulating essay topics, put together a draft, restructure and revise your essay, correct grammar and spelling mistakes, and craft a paper that effectively communicates why you deserve to win that grant.

Check out our reviews on the best scholarship essay writing help websites.

Get Help to Edit My Essay: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the average college essay editing cost?

A: The price of college essay editing depends on several factors: academic level, number of words/pages, deadline, and level of complexity. However, the average cost of editing is typically at $3 per 100 words. Anything less or more than $5 should be a red flag, unless premium features like proofreading and formatting are already included in the package.

Q: Is there a tool or program that will edit my essay for grammar?

A: Yes. There are plenty of free and paid “grammar checker” tools and online platforms that automate the grammar auditing process and fix minor grammatical glitches. However, these AI-powered programs can never replace a second pair of human eyes, especially that of an expert essay editor who has the accuracy and precision to check for and correct errors.

Q: I need someone to review and edit my college admission essay. Is such college essay editing ethical?

A: Yes. But, is outside help on editing college essay frowned upon? Also a yes. But what these people don’t understand is that, editing services are available only to assist a student who wants to refine the essay they’ve written themselves. They are hired only to mark areas of improvement and provide tips and advice on correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, and formatting mistakes. An editor is NOT a co-writer. In fact, they’re no different from asking a friend or roommate to proofread your work.

Q: What are the best Reddit college admission essay editor services?

A: The problem with hiring freelancers from this platform is that, there’s no guarantee of the quality of editing you’ll receive. What’s more, it’s easier to fake writer’s profiles and there are higher chances of getting scammed. Therefore, we cannot provide recommendations since it’s generally unsafe.

Q: Is hiring a college admission essay editor confidential and safe?

A: Yes, if you opt for a reputable service provider and not a Reddit writer. A trusted company will ensure you remain anonymous, even when using their services and speaking to their writers and customer service reps. They will also provide secure payment options and protect your personal and financial information.

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Q: I want to get help edit my essay, but are college admissions essay editing services worth it?

A: Of course! Make sure to check our comprehensive list of best essay editing service reviews to see which companies you can trust and do business with. With a reliable edit essay service, you can be assured that they won’t simply run away with your money. Quality is tantamount to customer satisfaction, and these companies will make sure to discuss solutions to deliver an end-product according to your liking.

Q: What are the things to look for in reliable essay editing services?

A: A trusted editing service has the following traits:

  • A team of experts with diplomas and certificates to prove their editing skills, and years of experience in editing and proofreading academic papers.
  • Competitively priced services, with discounts and bonus.
  • Fair terms and policies.
  • Multiple service options.
  • Custom-designed approach that’s tailored to the student’s personal style and tone.
  • Reliable customer support (available 24/7 via email, phone, and live chat).

Q: Is peer editing good and can it replace a professional editor?

A: No, a friend who doesn’t have the eye of an expert cannot replace a professional editor. Sure, you can give your paper to a friend who’s skilled at writing and editing essays, but how can you be sure they offer the best advice for something as important as an admission essay? They may not have the level of experience, expertise, and training a professional editor has. But by entrusting the work to a professional essay editing service, you’ll greatly increase your chances of getting good grades or getting accepted to a college program.

Final Words

Now that you have all the information about essay editing services, you’ll have answered the question, "Where can I get a college essay editor online?"

At this point, you can tell that we highly recommend using a professional essay editing service to make corrections to your academic papers. Visit our site for more writing tips and advice on how to revise and edit my essay. Or check out our list of the best college essay editing services reviews.

Need a Reliable Essay Writing Service? Hundreds of Students Recommend:

Most Popular
visit service get 10% off read review
visit service get 5% off read review
Best Value
visit service get 10% off read review
Learn how use essay writing services in a smart and safe way.CHECK THE BLOG

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