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writemyessay4me.org review


  • MY RATE: 3.9/5

  • PRICE FROM: $12
  • DEADLINE: 12 hours
  • PAYMENT: Visa, MC, PayPal


The key point of WriteMyEssay4Me.org review is to acquaint you with yet another custom essay writing company. These guys provide pretty great writing services, and they boast about having nothing but satisfied customers.

They're owned by Learnify OU – a presumably Ukrainian or Russian company which is registered in Tallinn, Estonia. Rest assured, even though the owners might not be native English speakers, they claim to hire professional writers to do the job.

Learnify OU owns several essay writing services among which WriteMyEssay4Me.org, WriteMyPaper4Me.org, Pro-Essay-Writer.com, JustBuyEssay.com.

I'm going to tell you my story about how I found them, after which we're going to run a quick overview of the prices of their services, evaluate their writing quality, summarize their payment methods, and talk about money back and revision policies.

Truth be told, I have to be fully objective, as I never had a convenient opportunity to test them out myself, rather I gathered up all the information I could from numerous reviews, critics, and recommendations.


A couple of students have asked me to write a comprehensive review about WriteMyEssay4Me.org, else I assume I never would've had an opportunity to hear them, let alone engage them to write my papers. It's true that I never made an actual order, but I got a pretty clear picture about how they do their work.

Their website is pretty much alike any next page of an essay writing company, so I didn't need to go through all the trouble of figuring out which end goes where.


These guys really did a fine work when they categorized the price points. The only two factors that determine the ending price are the deadline and quality level. Obviously, you'll have to pay the most if you want your paper done in the highest quality and shortest notice, and vice versa.

The deadline spans from 12 hours to beyond ten full days, with the first costing twice as much as the latter. On the other hand, the first three quality levels cost pretty much the same (with mere $2 between each level) while the Master and Ph.D. levels cost quite a lot.

writemyessay4me.org prices are average in the market.

Nevertheless, I think that such a high price customization is a good thing, but I can't decide whether they're expensive or cheap. It seems like average market prices.

Their low-cost options are certainly cheaper than standard-rate paper orders from other companies, but let's be frank, did you ever wait for your paper for 10 days or more? That's the factor that separates them from the rest of the bunch, as well as the factor that makes deciding on their price value-for-the-cash quite tough.


Again, I have to accentuate the fact that I never ordered a paper from this company in person. However, I've took a gander what others had to say about their writing quality, and I've found certain irregularities. Namely, some people are more than happy with what they've got while others report inconsistency – their papers having to be revised multiple times, and such.

On the other hand, this company claims that they hire only native English speakers, which, sadly, isn't true. One critical review stating that their paper was done by a mediocre English speaker is enough for us to safely conclude that the staff of Learnify OU's writing services (WriteMyEssay4Me, WriteMyPaper4Me, JustBuyEssay, etc.) numbers people who don't particularly excel in speaking (or writing, for that matter) the English language.

writemypaper4me.org critical feedback on sitejabber

Source: https://www.sitejabber.com/reviews/writemypaper4me.org

Note that I checked the reviews of several sites because this is one company and one team of writers.


The payment process is fairly simple and straightforward. As you can see on their website, they process their payments securely with PayPal. On top of that, these guys guarantee 100% security during money transfers.


Money Back Guarantee

As a figure, the WriteMyEssay4Me company really likes their money. I guess that's the reason why the money-back guarantee features such a strict policy.

After the usual welcomes and greetings, you'll be asked to read (and understand) the terms regarding the return of your project. The points include regular payment issues such as double payments, the case of no writer being assigned to your project, and so on.

If your order appears to be late, it can be canceled, in which case you'll forfeit your right to use any content written so far relating to the particular project.

Now that you've understood the terms, there are another important points relating the money-back guarantee. You are asked to provide strong evidence and reasons that will back your claims. If everything goes well, your claim will be reviewed within 48 hours.

writemyessay4me.org money-back guarantee is strict

After sifting through a block of text, you'll notice that there's not a single sentence which would explain the bounds of money-back policy, apart from the "each case is reviewed individually".

Revision Policy

Unlike the money-back guarantee, the revision policy is somewhat loose. This policy states that every client has the right to request a revision of their project, for as long as the requirements are met. These requirements include that your revision instructions are absolutely clear, without contradicting your initial guidelines. Once that's out of the way, there are three more.

You can't change the content on your paper yourself before the revision is done by their professionals. Furthermore, the revision order will be declined if any other general terms are violated. Again, you'll have to wait up to 48 hours for your order to be processed, even though the company states that they usually take less time.

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The online reputation of WriteMyEssay4Me puzzles me. They seem pretty good on the surface, given that they've invested a lot in the design of their website, but there are still people who claim that their writing quality isn't so good.

Now, what puzzles me is the fact that there is no middle ground – people either don't like them at all or idolize them. The truth is out there somewhere, and I guess I'll have to make my first order before I can find it.

writemyessay4me.org has a good reputation on sitejabber

Yet it's worth noting that the company has very few bad reviews. It's a very good sign that Learnify OU's essay writing services are professional and legit.


  • High price customization. The first thing I liked about these guys is the high price customization.
  • Decently good writers. Apart from that, they appear to have some good writers – unless you're really down on luck, you can get some high-quality papers pretty fast.


  • No urgent writing options. The bad thing about WriteMyEssay4Me is that there's no 3-6 hours writing. The shortest route it would take for you to get your paper measures 12 hours. That's quite ok, but not everyone is content with "ok".
  • Possible quality inconsistencies. People reporting inconsistencies still bothers me.


This summarizes the end of "Write My Essay For Me" reviews. It feels like a good essay writing service, and personally, I think this is not a scam. Even though I've used other companies I deem more reliable so far, I think this one's worth giving a shot, which is just what I might do some of these days.

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