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TrustMyPaper Overview tags itself as a premium essay writing service for students of all academic levels. They claim to offer high-quality papers done by highly qualified writers. Further, they assure customers that they only have native English speakers in their team. But I decided to scratch the surface and see what’s up.

From the website, details about the company owner is rather elusive, but I know better. It’s obvious that it’s a twin website of the notorious GrabMyEssay, because everything is the same.

This means that TrustMyPaper is owned by the infamous R.P WRITINGSMART TECHNOLOGIES LTD., a Cyprus registered company, but is actually based in Ukraine (NetFix LLC). They have a rather long and storied history as a scam company.

Read this TrustMyPaper review to find out why it’s the worst gamble for students to use this service.


From the moment you check their pricing system, you’d immediately realize they cater to various paper types for all academic levels. Their lowest rate is at $12.99 for high school level papers - and that’s if you ever need a paper done in 14 days! Of course they offer rush writing, but would you be willing to pay over $40 (and that’s just the starting price)? And for just 275 words per page, this is a pretty extortionate price. pricing system

Of course, money is tight when you’re still a student so you’ll need Trust My Paper discount codes to ease the burden. The company says you’re eligible to several discount types depending on the amount you’ve spent or the number of pages you order. The more you pay, the higher discount you’ll get.

But think twice. Most scam services, like this one, will blindside you with false promises of great discounts. Soon you’ll realize - like many other clients who have become their unwilling victims - that you won’t get anything for free. Any price cut will be recovered by them later, mostly in the form of ‘additional service fees’ like further editing/revision. You’ll find out why later on as we tackle the quality of their papers.

Types of Services

The number of writing service types they offer is pretty limited. They have the usual essay writing, editing, and proofreading services, but there’s nothing much beyond these basic offerings. types of services

For professionals, they do offer resume/CV writing services, even for those in the military and federal agencies. But be wary, because price starts at no less than $85 for such writing services.


You need a great deal of luck for a service like TrustMyPaper to deliver the high-quality paper you’ve been promised with. Because judging from the various customer reviews on SiteJabber, majority of their writers who are supposed to be English natives and are skilled in their craft, can barely even deliver a paper on time.

negative reviews on SiteJabber

They don’t have a good grasp of the various formatting types (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.), so many customers are always forced to request for further editing or revision. This is beside the fact that their output is often riddled with spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes. One irate customer even went on to say that you’re better off just asking your fifth-grade niece to write the paper for you. They’re just that horrible.

To make matters worse, even writers are victims of this scam company. Since the site is operated by R.P WRITINGSMART TECHNOLOGIES LTD., it means TrustMyPaper outsources their writers from the freelancing platform (its main audience are people from Kenya), which is known for their underpaid writers. audience

No wonder their workforce has no motivation to improve the quality of services.


Money Back Guarantee

TrustMyPaper has a standard money-back guarantee:

  • get a full (100%) refund if you cancel the order or they fail to find a writer for you;
  • receive 70% partial refund if you’re not satisfied with the output (conditions apply);
  • or 50% if the paper was delivered to you beyond the deadline.

You’ll be obliged to send a detailed explanation as to way you need a compensation, after which their Quality Assurance team will evaluate your case. Only then can you get your money (or some of it) back. has a poor refund policy

The problem is that, once you’ve made your intentions clear, they’ll take you around in circles. They’ll promise to look into the matter and get back to you but in many cases, they never will. Eventually, you, the customer, will just give up trying and settle on getting the revision done. But the issue is far from over.

Revision Policy

Getting your paper revised is a complete nightmare. Sure, they promise ‘free’ revisions but again, their staff will wear you out and frustrate all your efforts to take advantage of those free revisions. Eventually, you’ll just give up on the struggle.

negative reviews on SiteJabber

If you’re more determined than most to get that paper revised, some of TrustMyPaper’s writers will reluctantly have the already-spoiled paper redone. But by the time they’re done revising, you’ll no longer need the paper because you’ve already missed the deadline! revision policy

Online Reputation

Before purchasing a paper, it pays to check other trusted third-party review sites like TrustPilot and SiteJabber to find out what customers are saying about a writing service. Of course, I went to see TrustMyPaper reviews and was surprised they have plenty of positive reviews. Skeptic as I always am, I dug deeper and noticed that some of these reviews are obviously paid for by the company itself. Some are even posted by the same person on various sites. reviews on TrustPilot

Fake reviews much?

Like I said, TrustMyPaper has an equally evil twin, Just like this site, GrabMyEssay has a reputation for creating new services when they could no longer cover up their bad record. They do this to start from scratch with a clear reputation, but the cycle just keeps repeating itself.

And this isn’t even the worst thing they’ve done. R.P WRITINGSMART TECHNOLOGIES LTD., its proprietor, is one of the most prolific companies that create tons of fake DMCA takedowns (including against IHateWritingEssays) and fake marketing review blogs, for example:

  • (check our review about

These company-created blogs exist in order to promote their own services (including TrustMyPaper, of course) and make them look as if they’re flawlessly perfect. But that’s far from the truth. It’s better to be in the know and stay away from blogs like these, unless you want to waste your time, money, and effort.


  • Discount options. New and returning customers can take advantage. The bulkier your order, the higher the price cut.
  • Rush writing. Get your paper done as fast as within 3 hours.


  • Expensive. You need to pay premium to boost your chances of getting quality papers.
  • Poorly written papers. Reports of mediocre papers that are filled with errors and sometimes plagiarized content.
  • Questionable writers. Claims to have ENL writers but paper quality tells otherwise.
  • Fake reviews. Website is owned by a fraudulent company known for creating several different writing service websites and spreading fake positive reviews on their services.

My Verdict

While many other reviews praise their services to the point it’s too good to be true, I’m here to peel off all those lies and tell you the harsh truth: This website is pure scam.

Much like GrabMyEssay, this site entices you with fantastic, almost unbelievable promises but in the end, they’ll leave you empty-handed. We strongly discourage making any sort of transaction with this site. They’re the newest addition to an old bogus company and pretty sure in a couple of years, they’ll create just another lame site once this also gets a bad reputation.

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