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ultius.com review


  • MY RATE: 3.2/5

  • PRICE FROM: $18
  • DISCOUNT: n/a
  • DEADLINE: 3 hours
  • PAYMENT: Visa, MC, AE, PayPal

Ultius Overview

Ultius essay writing service is known and established. However, it has many customer complaints on the Internet. Find out whether Ultius is legit in my Ultius review.

Owned by Ultius, Inc corporation they offer a friendly and easy to use website which is what I liked most about them. On the home page you're greeted with a "calculate your price" feature, how their system works and how their writers are chosen. The website contains pretty much everything you'd need to know before creating an order. There's also an option to hire as a writer which is nicely presented.

They claim they only hire six percent of the people that submit a resume. I personally haven't tried to get a job there so I can't say how it is. Besides that, there are two methods of getting in touch with the writers and the assistants. Based on first glances, I wouldn't recommend them, just because I've seen better.

My Story

My experience with Ultius.com isn't great. It's quite horrible to be honest. I needed a research paper and decided to order one from them, but little did I know it would turn out to be a bad idea. Not only I paid a lot of money for the paper, but they delivered it late (however, the quality of it was good). They delivered it so late that I couldn't turn it in anymore so I had to accept my faith and fail the class.

Oh, and they refused to make a full refund for some reason, just partial money back. I don't understand why my writer couldn't meet a deadline - he had more than enough time. In my opinion, timely delivery should be #1 priority in every essay writing service. Considering the fact that I trusted their writer for my paper and the delivery was awful, I won't be using the service ever again.

I can't recommend them either, since it's hard to think of the pros when your experience was not pleasant. The idea is, there are better sites reviews out there that offer the same service, but they are doing it perfectly and with a more reasonable price.


The pricing starts at around $18 per page and it can be as high as around $80 per page if you want your paper done in just a few hours. Unfortunately, no Ultius.com discount code was found.

ultius.com prices

Ultius Writing Services Quality

From the 3 writer types available, I chose the "Best Available" since it's the most economical option for me. Considering how much they charge for their papers, I expected premium quality. What I got was pretty good, with smart ideas and professional style of writing, considering the topic was really hard. You'll be inclined to go for their "Graduate Writer" or "Requested Writer" option for better quality papers (but only if you have extra cash to spare on additional fees).

ultius.com has different writer type options

Who are their writers? According to reviews of people who worked in this company, Ultius is "largely relying on college grads who need some extra income" (source).

ultius.com negative review that claims that Ultius.com is abusive to their writers

Another problem is that you can find a lot of messages with an offer to buy verified writers' accounts. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why users complain about the quality of Ultius essay writing services (example).

ultius.com writers' accounts reselling


The payment is easy to make. They accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. You just fill your information in and select the type of paper you want.

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Revision Policy

Ultius offers a plethora of options when it comes to their revision policy. Of course, they guarantee quality before all else, but, in case anything went awry, they engage their writers to make adjustments and edits in accordance to their revision policy.

The procedure isn't too complex, although there's a lot of details and pre-requisites which need to be fulfilled before the edit can take place.

First of all, the first deadline is the week upon the paper's completion. After this deadline has been breached, you won't be able to request any forms of revision. If the revision order has been accepted, you'll get your reworked paper within three days.

Secondly, the revision needs to be in harmony with the original instructions you've provided, and thirdly, the feedback you'll give to the writer needs to be precise and as accurate as possible.

Refund Policy

The refund policy is as straight-forward as can be. The company went an extra mile by "educating" both the actual and potential users about the most common reasons people have when they ask for a refund. Anyhow, all you need to know is that refunds are "judged" on a case-to-case basis, and the company offers both full and partial refunds (depending on the events that took place prior to refund submission).

Delayed Submission

I needed to read the fine print and when I did, I realized that their refund policy's stricter than it looks! From their Policy Overview, it says that if their writer fails to deliver an order, I'd only get a partial refund based on the price difference between my specified deadline and the actual delivery date. I understand that delays are unavoidable sometimes, but getting only a certain percentage from what I paid for is plain RIDICULOUS.

Ultius Seed Scholarship

What's unique about this company is that they currently offer a scholarship program for one underprivileged US-based student who requires assistance in paying off their student loan. I found the requirements for eligibility and application to be pretty flexible. Being granted this scholarship seems like a long shot but I simply couldn't pass this opportunity to be given the chance to slash $2,000 off my loan debt!

Ultius Reputation

Inside look: what do writers think about Ultius?

It pays to know how a company treats their employees, and these no-holds-barred reviews from the writers themselves speak volumes about Ultius.

To be fair, I weighed in on both the pros and cons. What I found out is that, while the writers love being given the opportunity to take only projects that they want and earn extra money from home, there are times when there's no work available for them and if there are, they're mostly just high school level assignments. Writers also complain about Ultius' faulty editorial training – something that gave me even more reason not to place an order with them ever again.


  • User interface. Something I like about Ultius is how easy it is to utilize their website. From home page to the payment page, it's all simple and friendly.
  • Quality. I have to admit my writer did a good job.
  • Mobile app. Students can download the handy Ultius App on their Android smartphone so they can conveniently connect with writers and track the progress of their orders.


  • Missed deadline. When it comes to cons, the most important one is the deadline which was too late for the class.
  • Pricing. The higher than usual prices are also something to look out for. It may express quality but don't be fooled. The higher the price the better the quality doesn't apply everywhere.
  • Communication. And lastly, I had a poor communication with my writer, and way too straight-forward, not flexible at all.

My Verdict

Ultius is one of the most well-built companies I've found on the market but for a company that charges too much, they have to exert more effort to improve their services, particularly with the quality of their writers and the papers they produce. I could honestly get much better quality from other services for a cheaper price. I wouldn't recommend hiring them until these issues are resolved. What are your Ultius reviews? Please leave the comments anonymously.

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