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In this EssayShark review, you'll find a great case on how essay companies mislead students. Is EssayShark legit? I know for sure.

Owned by ONE Freelance Limited, the website has the exact same layout as There's the "Why choose us?" section, the stats, comments left by customers, and their list of features. They claim exclusive features such as previewing your order for free, live chat with your writer and so on. These features are often found on the majority of essay writing services.

Since there aren't many differences with Bid4papers, it's hard for me to even write about their website. It's just like Bid4Papers. That's about it.

MY STORY is almost identical to (check my review of the latter). I wish I knew that before ordering, but oh well, I learned from my mistake.

My story with them is simple. After the failure Bid4Papers was, I wanted to try another essay writing service and that's when I stumbled upon EssayShark. It was only after I completed my order that I realized I had this strong feeling of deja-vu. And that's when it hit me.

The interface of the two sites is identical, so they are owned by the same company, which means the writers were the same people. Moreover, (here is review) is their brother site as well. All the details of this story can be found in my blog.

These sites aren't a scam since they do deliver, but they deliver it with a questionable marketing tactic. If you choose a cheap writer, you get a mediocre written paper, but in most cases the quality is pretty good.

In my opinion, the companies that own different sites under the same brand that offer the exact same service and prices shouldn't be trusted. It lacks professionalism.

What is the Best Bidding Essay Writing Service?

I recommend EssayPro over Bid4Papers/EssayShark for several reasons:

  • more qualified writers
  • cheaper prices (from $12)
  • clean reputation


They have a bidding system. It's simple to use and gives the client freedom of choice. I couldn't find any discounts on the website.


This time the quality was good as the writer was a real expert on the subject. Still, I think they should hire more qualified people.


The payment page is exactly the same as the brother-website, no differences here. You fill in, select a writer, pay, receive your paper.


Money Back Policy

The money back policy of EssayShark is absolutely identical to the policy of Bid4Papers. It's not just the means by which you'll get your money back, the exact same words were used to define it. Be it as it may, it's only normal, given that both of these websites are owned by the same people.

Putting it short, you won't need to pay before the paper is done, or at least before some of it is finished. The difference between what you paid and what you bid remains – that's the lowest bar which depicts how much money you can get back in case the writer finished a portion of your paper. You can, however, get a complete refund of the money you've placed on a specific order.


  • Bids. Again, the bidding system is what I like the most. Works wonders and makes for a better experience.


  • Marketing strategy. The website which is identical to its twin didn't surprise me at all, the feeling of deja-vu was consistent and not pleasant.

What is the Best Bidding Essay Writing Service?

I recommend EssayPro over Bid4Papers/EssayShark for several reasons:

  • more qualified writers
  • cheaper prices (from $12)
  • clean reputation


I can recommend (and Bid4Papers). Really. Just choose the highest bid. Concurrently, you must be mindful it's a copied website that's just a piece of a bigger picture.

There's no reason for me to use EssayShark, since there are many top sites that deliver great quality (including another bidding site EssayPro), so why to risk?

Guys, share your EssayShark reviews here (comment anonymously).

David Anderson