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  • MY RATE: 1.5/5

  • PRICE FROM: $15
  • DISCOUNT: 15%
  • DEADLINE: 6 hours
  • PAYMENT: Visa, MC, AE, PayPal


In this Grab My Essay review, you'll find out why I consider it one of the most heinous essay services on the market. So don't ask whether GrabMyEssay is legit.

The moment you visit, you'll be greeted with lots of text and listed features that don't create the best big picture. All the information is in one place, the texts are way too long for clients to be interested in reading, and the usage of a small sized font doesn't help either. From all the college paper writing services I've used and tested over the past, this one has to be the worst.


I personally ordered from and I'm going to tell you my story. I found them over at and the image they made seemed like a good one. I made the mistake of trusting them before I found out that owns the review site, and other similar sites that all look the same (just read this case that will explain everything in detail).

My paper was already on its way when I came across GrabMyEssay reviews at SiteJabber, so I was just cringing thinking of the quality of the paper I was going to receive.

It's worth noting that I ordered a 500 word essay and I chose the best available freelancer and proofread option that costs $2.55 per page so it should have been decent. But it wasn't.

I received the worst essay I have ever seen. It was plagiarized, it had several grammar errors, some sentences made no logic and there were no arguments provided. The writer definitely didn't know the language too well so I have no idea why he was even hired. Like someone just threw a bunch of words together and tried to form sentences.

But that's not my problem. My problem is that I spent money on garbage and I have also been scammed by a fake review site.

I ignored my instincts and still went with them even though I had a feeling something was not right. Their whole website isn't meant to be a scam, since they deliver. But for your own good, never order from here. Learn from my mistake and stay away from anything that seems fishy. I can't recommend GrabMyEssay.


Prices aren't very high, starting at $5 for proofreading, $7 for editing, or $25 for copywriting. Their pricing is quite reasonable compared to other sites that charge way more. They also give 15% first customer discount, but who needs it if the quality is so shitty? Stick it up your arse, fucking thieves! prices


So as I said, the writer's ability to speak English wasn't great and the paper I received was not only plagiarized, but full of wording mistakes and lack of logic. Maybe none of it would have happened if I chose the "Premium" or "TOP 10" writer level.

Another interesting aspect of GrabMyEssay service is a possibility to choose your needed academic level: High School, Freshman (1st year), Sophomore (2nd year), Junior (3rd year), Senior (4th year), Master's and Doctoral. Just curious - Is there such a big difference, say, beetwen Freshman and Sophomore? Or is it just a way to raise the price?


Payment can be done through Visa, MasterCard, American Express. You just fill in all information about the paper and the credit card, so the process is very simple.


Just like any other writing service company, GrabMyEssay offers money-back and revision options for people who aren't entirely satisfied with quality of the paper (or with the deadline being breached).

Refund Policy

The first in line is the "order cancellation" in case you've changed your mind – there are plenty of reasons why such a case could occur, truth be told. If the paper hasn't been assigned at all, you'll get a full refund, whereas if it was, you'll get 70% tops. If the deadline's halfway through, you can get only half of what you paid for. What's worse, if you cancel the order, all content on the paper is off-limits.

The "late delivery" is something you'll be searching for once you realize that the majority of GrabMyEssay writers have a tendency to be somewhat too liberal when it comes to accuracy. Even though each case is reviewed separately, the amount of money you can hope to get back is downright shameful.

On top of that, the policy appears to be in favor of the company – rather than ensuring your security, GrabMyEssay's policies are nothing more than made up leverage which they use to cover the lack of quality.

Revision Policy

Speaking of quality, the "bad quality claims" section is for people who realize that "what they have paid for isn't what they got". They even refer to the people who decide on these claims as "Quality Assurance Team" - it's as if they're employed full-time doing nothing but reading complaints. The user is entitled to free revisions within 2 weeks after delivery, if the original instructions are not met. Again, you'll encounter deviously crafted traps as you read through the policy – each segment favors the company and provides little to no security for the user.


Their team managed to create a positive image for both this site and a dozen of other their essay services with the help of a large number of fake review sites.

Okay, let's take a look at SiteJabber reviews. ~40% of reviews are negative. reviews at sitejabber


  • Quality. The quality is clearly the major con here. This reason is enough to make me not use their service again. I would also say that the writers should take harder tests so they can at least speak English.
  • Fake review sites. If you read my post, you will find out that is just the tip of an iceberg.


Stay away from this fucking service. Just pick another essay site that has better reputation so you can get a good quality paper and stay out of trouble. Also, leave your GrabMyEssay reviews below. Who knows, maybe you are lucky?


David Anderson

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