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PAPER FELLOWS OVERVIEW is an essay writing service that you have to be careful with. Even though you will read on PaperFellows website that it offers 100% unique papers and good quality for the money provided, students aren't so happy with it.

The company NetFix LLC which owns this website also promotes a bunch of other essay services, the most popular among which is Namely, the quality of the latter is subpar and its essays are often full of grammatical mistakes and poorly written.

So, how you can say for sure this site is reliable and safe and that it provides quality essays when the first thing you see is the same calculator and order form as with other sites owned by this business who has gained a well-deserved notoriety by creating fake essay services review websites?

Just when we all thought that NetFix LLC only fools students, then we start to discover that they also offer abusive services to writers. The company also manages where they pool freelance writers to work on the writing assignments but on a very low rate that is unfair for people who are sustaining their business.

UPDATE: Oct 06, 2018 has shown its consistent delivery of helpful and truthful reviews about writing service providers. However, NetFix LLC seems to be going against the path. These gangsters in the industry have filed new fake DMCA removals against our website in order to prevent the truth about their fraud from coming out. They brought the first allegation forward in 2017 but failed because we proved them wrong. Now, they continue to destroy us by filing another malicious complaint.

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