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PREMIER ESSAY OVERVIEW is a website offering a top notch academic writing services and exclusive online help. While their website title suggests a more premium approach, they fail to be unique and thus far falls in the one category as all the other sites like,,,, etc. All owned by NetFix LLC gang.

They use the same marketing tactic of writing fake reviews over at and other sites with the same goal of attracting students that are in need for a quick paper.

PremierEssay offers around the same quality as the others, with very minor differences in their website design. Therefore, Premier Essay can’t be recommended, and there are some better options on the market.

Contrary to their name, there is not a single premium service that you can get from this entity that is owned by NetFix LLC. Aside from lying about the background of their writers, they also contribute to the evil cycle of cheap labor. Through, they prey on freelancers who need to earn money. They barely give 10% of what they earn from students. Such an abusive relationship with writers is truly detestable.

UPDATE: Oct 06, 2018
As and its team of gangsters under NetFix LLC continually try to manipulate the online essay writing business, they also spitefully destroy the reputation of reliable websites such as In 2017, they filed a false allegation against our site in order to take down our honest reviews about them. Just recently, they also did the same thing again. Why do they keep trying to cover their fraudulent activities using DMCA complaints? Perhaps, they don’t want anyone to get in their way of scamming people.

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