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  • MY RATE: 1/5

  • PRICE FROM: $~20
  • DEADLINE: 2 hours
  • PAYMENT: Visa, MC, PayPal


MyAssignmentHelp review came to be for several reasons. First of all, this company piqued my interest as its name was everywhere on my social platform feed (which is only normal, as I reviewed many essay writing services). Secondly, I feel obliged to expose companies which seem like a fraud.

In this case, I wasn't wrong. Even though the official information on their website indicates that they're from Australia, there are numerous signs that they're from India or Pakistan.

Let me assure you, I'm not a racist, but if the company needs to lie about it roots, there's something fishy, and that's putting it mildly. Now, as for the question "is MyAsiggnemntHelp reliable?", the answer is quite simple – any company that employs the use of lies to cover their tracks will lie to you if it would benefit their ends. Check out my story for more information.


Now, my story with MyAssignmentHelp is quite plain. I never had a chance to order any papers from, but I'm glad I didn't. A group of students asked me to make a review of this MyAssignmentHelp company – I could feel they were unsatisfied with their papers, but I can only hazard a guess that they never did anything more about this issue out of fear of things getting complicated.

a letter in which one of the readers requests to review

Anyhow, such things are very common in this line of work. In fact, scam companies are in abundance, so much that they're more numerous when compared to actual legit essay writing services.

Even though I never made an order, the online comments regarding the quality of MyAssignemntHelp services were more than enough to get a clear picture of what's going on. The negative reviews about MyAssignmentHelp were aplenty, and they were pretty one-sided, for that matter.


The pricing system of MyAssignmentHelp is extremely inconvenient, and that's an understatement. In fact, I'm pretty sure I never encountered an essay company with a pricing system which is as awful as this one.

First of all, you'll need to register, providing your name, e-mail, and other personal information, after which you'll need to fill in the assignment submission form.

After submitting the form, you'll need to contact the so-called "assignment expert". I'm uncertain whether these "experts" are bots, automatic-responses (which operate after a pre-determined pricing system which is hidden from public), or actual people, as the "chatting" we've made was way too friendly and formal at the same time.

chatting with assignment expert

By clicking on the "order" button, you'll get a price calculator. You should fill out the empty boxes regarding the subject's name, word-count, deadline, and work level (high-school, diploma, college, and such). After filling out the formal part, proceed by defining the assignment description box, reference style, weightage, and remaining semester. price calculator

There are three writing levels – Distinction (A grade), Credit (B grade), and Pass (C grade). Personally, I didn't like this one bit, as, in my opinion, no company should charge you for a C-class paper. The only speck of light is the discount option – namely, you'll get 10% MyAssignmentHelp discount for each referred friend.

In general, compared to other services, prices were much higher. In addition, MyAssignmentHelp charlatans provide only 250 words per page that isn't fair and correct. Each page should consist of at least 275 words.


You can get your paper done in five selectable academic levels – the high school, diploma, undergraduate/college, post graduate/university, or PhD/Doctorate. This is fairly common practice, but it's worth mentioning.

The reason why the majority of students don't like this company is exactly because of the writing quality. According to MyAssignmentHelp reviews, some of the most notable comments refer to numerous (and vital) grammatical mistakes, exceptionally atrocious vocabulary, and poor overall quality.


The payment process is quite straightforward. You just have to choose the credit card type (e.g. Master card, Paypal, etc.). Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that you can benefit from "special offers".

These special offers are more of a "gratis assignments" – if you book six assignments, the seventh one is free, four similar assignments within 3 days will get you another copy, three booked assignments booked within the time gap of 72 hours gives you 15% discount, and two assignments within 48 hours gives you a 10% discount.


Money Back Guarantee

The money back and revision policies are both stated "under the same roof".

  • The first point indicates that you're entitled to cancel the order if no writers have started working on it – however, you'll have to continue with the order if the writer was assigned to it. This is very inconvenient, as you could imagine.
  • The second point states that you're entitled to a full refund if you've been charged twice. Personally, I think that misunderstandings such as these aren't so common, and it should go without saying that you can't be charged twice rather than shouldn't be charged.
  • The third mark allows you to get a free assignment (which is of similar cost to the original you've ordered) if no writers have been found.

Now, here goes the shifty part. If you happen to fail the assignment using the paper you've ordered from this company, you can get 50% back ("However, the authentic fail proof needs to be provided within one month (31 days) after assignment completion"). refund policy details

That's certainly inconvenient, but what surprised me is the fact that the company promises to fire the writer who did the failing assignment. That's a bit rough, given the circumstances. These are just fine-sounding words, because in fact they use this information to blackmail students ( check here and here).

review from where blackmails students Source:

After reading all the points, you'll find that there's no such thing as regular refund policy. The only way to get your money back is if you've been charged twice. Smells like a major scam to me. Perhaps that's why so many students are looking for an answer to the question of how to sue MyAssignmentHelp.

Revision Policy

The revision policy is plain – it states that you can change and revise your assignment within the time frame of one month, but not beyond. If a month passes, you won't be able to neither revise your article nor get a refund.

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I was surprised that the first comment on one of the threads (TrustPilot) about this company was extremely positive. A certain Ayush Rawal complemented their staff for completing his assignment within the given deadline, and added that the interaction was nice. In fact, this very comment gave me the notion that this company was owned by Indians. Apart from that, there's a wall of completely red flags, 1 stars, and negative comments.

Even though the majority of comments were short and concise (bad, scammers, stay away, and such), I managed to dig up an extensive one which explained all the fuss. Students say MyAssignmentHelp writers are scam artists who can't speak English, the grammar is absolutely terrible, and all of the refund & revision policies are for naught. negative review on

After carefully sifting through more than a hundred comments, I've concluded that there's no middle ground – the comments are either completely negative or completely positive, but there's a catch. The negative comments are nearly unified in reason and logic whereas positive comments seem urged and dictated. I encourage you to visit the following pages for more info:

All things considered, I'm nearly 100% sure that this company is not legit. The comments have built up quite an online notoriety for this company, and I'm the kind of a person that believes the majority. - Fake Review Blog

But what you've read so far is just the tip of the iceberg. It's already looking bad as it is, but the fact that MyAssignmentHelp is also running a fake review site in order to boost their credibility will already prompt you to completely slash them off your options. In fact, besides MyAssignmentHelp, this website also has several other essay services:,, and, all of which have positive reviews.

Too good to be true, right? I mean, how can you rely on a company that spreads fake reviews just to make them look good? It's a typical modus operandi among companies with one ulterior motive: To attract more people and fool them into spending their money for poor-quality service.

Once again, MyAssignmentHelp has proven itself to be an essay writing service that's not worth anybody’s consideration. You’re better off hiring a more reputable company, my friend!


  • Rush writing. You're able to rush the writing process, which means that the deadlines are very liberal (from 2 hours) and broad.
  • Pay in parts/installments. The option to pay for the assignment in instalments – only a handful of companies offer this option.


  • No communication. You won't be able to directly contact the writer in any situation, which is, suffice to say, extremely inconvenient.
  • Exquisitely bad reputation. I've never seen so much people get angry at one company in my life.
  • Bad quality papers. I've never seen so much people get angry at one company in my life. We could compare the situation to a food merchant selling stale, or even rotten bread – if you can't deliver on your promise of quality, what can you do for me?
  • Blackmailing. MyAssignmentHelp scammers blackmail students when they demand a refund.


Even though I rarely do this so abruptly and directly, I urge you to stay away from this scammer company. My Assignment Help reviews are extremely negative, these guys are certainly not legit, and you won't find any help with your assignment if you ever choose to go with them. I encourage you to find MyAssignmentHelp alternative, don't waste your time and money.

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