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  • MY RATE: 4.4/5

  • PRICE FROM: $16
  • DISCOUNT: available
  • DEADLINE: 3 hours
  • PAYMENT: Visa, MC, AE, PayPal

Grade Miners Overview

GradeMiners is a well-known essay service which has a lot of both positive and negative feedback. Read my GradeMiners review to find out whether it's legit or not.

GradeMiners's website is well-built and makes a great job at showcasing their features right on the home page. There's also a conveniently placed price calculator as well real-time customer reviews. The design of the website is very modern so it does its job of attracting students that need essays. Their "About Us" page features activity that started in 2009 which means the service has been around for a while. They also offer constant discounts on the first order, and on big orders. Overall, looks good, and performs good enough.

Grade Miners is one of the many essay writing services under WritePerfect LTD, a Ukrainian company that's been in business since 2005. The issue with companies running multiple websites (WritePerfect LTD runs, and is that they may not be able always to maintain the quality of their services, and this is sometimes reflected in Grade Miners' papers.

My Story

My story with GradeMiners isn't the worst, despite the bad reviews on the Internet. I decided to try them out even though there were lots of reviews claiming that their whole service is a scam and everyone should stay away from it. The process was not bad, the payment was easy to make, my writer delivered on time and the quality was quite well.

No grammar mistakes. He covered the subject pretty well so I can't complain. I didn't even have to do much, just to select what I want and pay. They even have a Live Assist that can help you through the process but I didn't need to use that feature. I might have gotten lucky with a good writer, I don't know, but my experience with Grade Miners was pleasant.

There are many reviews claiming they are a scam site created by foreigners, so beware. Can I recommend them to everyone? Yes. However, there are better sites out there.


The price per page ranges from $16 to $45, depending on when you want your essay to be delivered. You can choose to receive your paper in less than 3 hours. They offer 15% first order discount. That's cool, but many other sites do the same. prices

Honestly, there isn't a lot of info on their promos, even in the order form. I was only able to unlock their “special offer” when I entered my email address, where Grade Miners sent me exclusive discount codes and details on their loyalty and referral programs. Collectively, I was able to save up to 15% off my first order.



The quality of their work is good for the price. My writer managed to write about my subject in detail, the ideas all made sense, and logic wasn't missing from any sentence. The paper I received got A+. Many students claim there are better services out there, yes, but this one isn't far off.

I may have been lucky but again, many other users experienced otherwise. It looks like the quality of their papers vary from writer to writer. I've read several complaints about poor-quality, rushed papers that are not worth the price. Knowing this, I should've probably given more thought about ordering from them.

Quality Features

Everything was clearly laid out in the order form, including all the academic paper types they could provide. Although their list is big, I didn't find anything new when compared to other writing services. Depending on the urgency, Grade Miners can deliver the paper in as fast as 3 hours, and I have the option to keep track of the progress and even make it a high-priority order. However, these features incur extra fees which, overall, could really hurt my meager budget!


Payment is flawless, you start by selecting the type and urgency of your paper and then you proceed to the payment section.

GradeMiners Guarantees

Money Back Guarantee

As far as their money-back guarantees are of any concern, It's hard to tell whether that's a good or a bad thing. Namely, you'll be able to ask for a revision (or a full refund) within 14 days upon the paper's delivery unless you've downloaded it. The bad thing is that you'll have to wait between two weeks and a full month.

Revision Policy

Their revision policy is not what you'd expect of a top-grade writing service. Of course, the company offers the opportunity to check and edit your paper, but it's not as simple as it sounds. The company prompts you to "hire a writer of higher quality" before they even mention their editorial services. That leads us to the conclusion that these "editing services" are somewhat of a standalone option.

Lastly, the revision policy is pretty confusing. The policy states that you'll be able to hire another writer (from their staff) who will "check for grammar issues and off-top quality problems". That's a bit uncalled for, as you should expect that such issues won't even happen, let alone be addressed.

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Online Reputation

GradeMiners is a reputable essay writing company, but their online reputation is in a tight spot between the shades of black and white. Namely, there are numerous complaints they've received, and most of them revolve around either the quality of their writers or delivery time. About half of the reviews on SiteJabber are critical and negative. This is not a good sign. reviews are both positive and negative

The truth is, the staff at GradeMiners is comprised of a suit of great, mediocre, and not-so-great writers. However, you won't be playing roulette if you give them a shot – the mediocre-level writers are reserved to low-bidders, whereas top-notch quality can be expected if you pay up a couple of bucks more.

Foundation year – what's the real deal?

Because money and grades were at stake, it's only natural for me to get to know the company whose service I've invested on. The About Us page shows Grade Miners' rich history since its foundation in 2009, but a quick domain lookup showed me that their website was registered in 2013. Transparency is key, and it's hard to get caught up in a lie! whois data

More lies revealed

Another issue that I stumbled upon came from another discerning customer who noticed a familiar-looking photo from a different company's blog. From the looks of it, Grade Miners stole one of the photos from this company and placed it right on their About Us page! I never would've given them a second look but now that I did, they do appear like stock photos intended to make them appear more "credible".



  • Reliable customer support. Honestly, the quality of the paper is something I would recommend GradeMiners for. Their website is also gorgeous and makes for the experience to be awesome all throughout.
  • Not bad quality. Prompt and knowledgeable customer support reps who respond to my queries professionally; with responsive phone support available.


  • Many bad reviews. Something I dislike about Grade Miners is how much of a roulette it feels like. You either get your paper with few to none mistakes, or you feel scammed. I'm not much of a risk taker when it comes to papers that may change my future, so I'd rather use other services instead of this one.
  • Scam activity. The string of lies (i.e. foundation year and stolen photo) I found in their About Us page alone made me reconsider their credibility.

My Verdict

I wasn't blown away by GradeMiners and while I had a relatively pleasant experience collaborating with them, the news about scam activities turned me off. My verdict is as follows. If you want to take the risk, then go for it. If you want to be safe and need a custom essay that could guarantee you a good grade then go for other services reviews.

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