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wiseessays.com review


  • MY RATE: 4.4/5

  • PRICE FROM: $11.96
  • DEADLINE: 6 hours
  • PAYMENT: Visa, MC, AE, PayPal


WiseEssays Overview

Although there are a lot of writing services, not all of them could deliver quality academic papers. I am particularly happy that I have found WiseEssays, a company that has already helped thousands of students globally.

WiseEssays is owned by a Bulgarian (or so they say) company, Steadi Ltd., and has been offering custom writing services for High School, College, and Graduate students since 2011. It has successfully earned a good reputation in the online writing industry for its excellent services that guarantee high academic standards and output originality.

It's also recognized for offering reasonable prices and packages. It has a decent pricing scheme that takes into consideration the financial plight of many students. Its writers come from different professional backgrounds with a proven track record in their chosen fields. Furthermore, the company provides an assurance that customer data are 100% protected.

Are you intrigued? Keep reading my Wise Essays review to find out how to order your first essay with 20% discount!

My Story (by Carol Duke)

I still vividly remember how this Wise service has helped me survive my college years. Before discovering about the website, I was like the loneliest student in the University. I didn't have time to relax or even bond with friends because of the unending list of requirements from my professors.

Fortunately, I had the courage to approach one of my classmates and asked her about time management tips. According to her, she was able to finish every assignment and research paper because of the help from one writing agency.

I started creating my own account and eventually reaped so many benefits from that decision. Their writers have helped me achieve a balanced life despite the many college requirements.

Pricing System


What I truly appreciate with WiseEssays is their pricing scheme - being a first time user you can have your academic writing done for as low as $11.96/page and assignments for $13.56/page.

wiseessays.com pricing system, prices start from $11.96/page

The website has an online price calculator that takes into account the type of assignment, the educational level of the required work, the deadline, the word spacing, and the number of pages. This allows us to have an idea about the total budget needed for a particular assignment.

Type of Assignment (10 days deadline) Price for First Time Users/Page
Academic Writing $11.96
Assignments $13.56
Dissertation Writing $13.56
Admission Writing $29.96
Editing $7.16


Very few online essay companies would offer cool discounts to their customers. Since most assignments ordered online are urgent, some companies would grab the chance to earn big from students.

WiseEssays has a wide range of discounts including

  • Special offers (20% off the price for first time orders and 25% off for those ordering the second time)
  • Life-long offers (5% off to orders of 20-49 pages, 10% for essays that are 50-99 pages, and 15% for assignments of over 100 pages)
  • Volume-based offers.

David Anderson's Note

When I tried to compare with other providers, I discovered that WiseEssays' prices are on the average scale. However, discounts on the 1st and 2nd order allow you to save more (click here to check the list of discounts available for other services). Their pricing policy is a clever marketing ploy - be ready to pay more for your 3rd order!

Writing Quality and Customer Support

Almost all the papers that I received from their writers follow the instructions that I have sent them. The company makes sure that every task is assigned to the right professional who has significant knowledge of the subject. At least they are trying. Just want to share some stories.

Once in third year in college, I needed help in finishing a journal article review. I was really satisfied with the output except that I mistakenly picked the wrong referencing style. They agreed on revising the paper, but I had to pay for it since it was contrary to the initial instructions.

Sometimes it seemed to me that some of their writers live in a different universe. There were times when I asked for revisions because of missed details and certain standards. This may take some time so always keep in mind your deadlines!

Quality options

You can choose between 5 quality levels: High School, College, Undegraduate, Graduate and PhD. The preferred language style - U.S. or U.K. - is also available.

According to support, their writers are from English speaking countries. Yeah, it means you should'nt expect an ENL writer for your task.

David Anderson's Note

Indeed, the phrase "English speaking countries" means their writing team is comprised of ESL writers. Check out my article on this topic.

Additional Features

Their order forms are very specific. You simply fill out the required details and you can immediately have an idea about the total price. Aside from that, the portal also gives you a chance to buy some extras:

  • Preferred Writer - assign the task to your preferred writer but for an additional fee amounting to 20% of the order total.
  • Top 10 Writers - choose among their Top 10 Writers for an additional charge of $6 per page.
  • Lifetime File Storage - this helps students become more confident that their hard-earned money will not go to waste in the event that their laptop breaks or when they suddenly misplace their USB. Anytime, we can access the portal and print our orders accordingly.
  • Plagiarism Report wiseessays.com plagiarism feature for $9.99

Personally, I did not subscribe to these features - except for the Plagiarism Report - because they can be an unnecessary expense on my part as a student.

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We all know the feeling of being disappointed because of poor service and unmet standards. Everytime I deal with this service, I am confident that I will get the value for my money.

Money Back Guarantee

They have a clear policy on getting refunds for undelivered work, late submissions, and wrong order placements.

wiseessays.com money back guarantee on late papers

I personally had an experience with getting a refund when one writer failed to deliver my ordered film review on time. It is very clear in their policy that undelivered work or late submissions are grounds for a full reimbursement for as long as the writers are solely responsible for the delayed submission. Since it was the writer's fault, I got back the complete amount of the project.

Revision Policy

Students may also file a complaint regarding inferior quality papers. WiseEssays promises to offer a free revision of work for as long as the complaint was substantiated by sufficient grounds and was done within 3 days after the writer's submission. Once the revision has been accomplished within the 14-day order deadline, the client must be able to raise any other problem within 3 days or else the refund will be forfeited.

wiseessays.com revision policy

Plagiarism Free Guarantee

The company values academic integrity and guarantees 100% original work. Although it has been explicitly promised that every output delivered is plagiarism-free, we can still definitely recheck because they guarantee full revision if the work has been found to have violated their rules. All work submitted shall have a plagiarism level of less than 10% excluding quotations and references.

Copyright Issues

Whenever we make submissions to an educational institution, we need to have the copyright to our work. Although the terms state that WiseEssays will hold the copyright for all their products,

wiseessays.com copyright policy is a fiction

the support agents claim otherwise. According to them, students are given full assurance that all delivered work will be under the copyright of the client. You can submit the paper as your own!

David Anderson's Note

Don't panic! This terms on 'Copyright Issues' have only been placed for legal and technical purposes. To read more on this matter, click here.

Well-designed money back, revision and plagisrism free policies are essential. The company has no issues in this regard.


Online Reputation

David Anderson's Note

If you'll ask me whether WiseEssays is legit or not, then I will definitely answer you with a resounding 'YES'. It is a legal and reputable company.

Wise Essays is legally registered in the Republic of Bulgaria under the ownership of Steadi Ltd. The company claims it has been operating since 2011 which has given them sufficient years of experience in the online writing industry. According to the Web Archive data, that's the truth.

wiseessays.com has been operation since 2011

Most of the reviews about Wise Essays service have revealed a very positive feedback regarding their services. I have done a rigorous online search and I only found a few scam websites that do not seem to recommend the service (as it turned out, they publish fake reviews and have no substantial basis for its statements).

Overall, WiseEssays has a very good reputation in the online writing industry. Many of the legit review sites that provide truthful and fair statements fully recommend their services.


  • Good Reputation. They have an undeniable reputation of excellence. Every work delivered is guaranteed to be original and of highest academic standards.
  • Support Staff. They do not waste the precious time of students.
  • Value for Money. They may not be the cheapest but their quality is worth every penny.


  • Sometimes Revisions Needed. There are times when writers would fail to immediately submit the needed work.

My Verdict

As a person who has gained much from their services, I can categorically say that this Wise Service is one of the online writing companies that value the precious time, money, and life of students.

David Anderson's Note

I think we found another reliable company. I am sincerely grateful to Carol - our new team member - for the detailed review.


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