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You've probably heard about essay writing services that will give their best in order to meet your requirements about the essay or another kind of academic paper. Well, here we have – a platform that differs from essay writing services. In this post, I want to share my StudyBay review. academic writing platform is actually owned by Edutec Limited - company registered in Malta. Despite this, there is reason to believe this is a Russian business.

This StudyBay platform works in the following way. Let's say that you're a student and need an essay written in a few days. You need to place an order. And you do that by filling numerous fields and giving as many details as possible about what you expect from a writer as well as about an essay topic they should write. The more detailed your order, the better. The next step after placing an order is waiting for writers to respond to it. Finally, you need to see the profile of every writer that applied for your offer, and based on the reviews and your opinion you need to choose the right one for your requirements.

Yes, the process is time-consuming, but if you find a good writer, you won't regret it.


If you're asking yourself “Is StudyBay legit”, I think this review might help you find the answer. Why I didn't choose this platform:

  • Unreliable
  • Finding a good writer might take some time and lots of disappointment along the way
  • Placing an order is time-consuming.

So, here's my story. I have got many assignments in my college, and I knew I couldn't make it on time. That being said, I decided to find a help thus I asked my good friend Google to help me out.

This platform was one of the first I've stumbled upon. After visiting their site, I was impressed – this platform said they were reliable, trustworthy, that they would give you back your money if something goes wrong, etc. On top of all, the prices at StudyBay are the lowest on the market. I wanted to place an order right away, but my brain started telling me to dig deeper and see if they're really that great.

After reading StudyBay reviews, I was sure that this company wasn't for me. Apparently, working with them is too risky. As I mentioned earlier, this platform is great if you find a good writer.

But, chances are you won't find him or at least not right away. Of course, this can be a problem if you're in a hurry and need that paper in few days. This is only one of the reasons I chose not to work with this platform and recommend other highly rated essay companies. According to the reviews, other reasons are missing the deadline, receiving an essay written in poor English, as well as not returning the money back to the client.

What is the Best Bidding Essay Writing Service?

I recommend using EssayPro over StudyBay. EssayPro is better for several reasons:

  • more qualified writers
  • affordable prices
  • clean reputation


As mentioned, Studybay platform offers the lowest prices, but I'd rather pay more and work with professionals. pricing


It appears that working with this service is unpredictable. If you're lucky enough, you'll find the writer that will write high-quality essays on time. Unfortunately, the vast majority of clients had a bad experience with writers, due to the reasons I mentioned above.


Since this is a platform where you search for a suitable writer, you need to have your money ready in your virtual StudyBay wallet. And you can transfer the money to your wallet via a bank card, PayPal, or Webmoney.


You don't have to worry whether your personal info will be safe with this platform because they will. But, what you should worry about is their professionalism and reliability. As it turns out, StudyBay isn't the company you can trust to.


You get free revisions in case you aren't satisfied with what the writer wrote. However, in some cases, the writers refused to do revisions, leaving your paper unfinished.


  • Prices. StudyBay offers the lowest prices on the market (starting at only $5).
  • Unique essays. Plagiarism-free papers (Studybay uses anti-plagiarism software, and the papers are written from scratch so you get a 100% unique essay).


  • Time-consuming. The process of placing an order and choosing the writer at Study Bay is time-consuming.
  • Writer search. You probably won't find a good writer straight away.

What is the Best Bidding Essay Writing Service?

I recommend using EssayPro over StudyBay. EssayPro is better for several reasons:

  • more qualified writers
  • affordable prices
  • clean reputation


So after going through this article, I think it's clear to you why I didn't want to work with this platform. With all those essay writing services out there that do an impressive job, I didn't want to take a chance with possible StudyBay scam. Why risk when I could pay a bit more and get high-quality academic papers without any problem? What do you think about it? Share your StudyBay reviews.


David Anderson