Smear Campaign Against IHateWritingEssays: False DMCA Takedown by NetFix LLC and (or) Universal Research Inc.

UPDATE: Oct 06, 2018
Just when we thought that we have already conquered this challenge of bringing out the truth, here comes NetFix LLC again by filing another set of DMCA complaints on behalf of independent companies. Shall I consider this as no surprise because of their history of fraudulent activities? When they filed the first DMCA complaint, I did everything to prove that they are wrong. Now, I am calling again on Google and the entire internet users to stop believing in the slanderous claims of this gang that tries to manipulate the online writing industry.

Using slander as a weapon of retribution against truth has always been easier than coming clean, and sometimes this blade is sharp enough to actually cause damage.

Namely, the reviews website has been accused of "stealing" certain screenshots which resulted in the DMCA complaint to Google, demanding that certain pages be removed from the search result.

Most people can't understand the gravity of such situation, as not only the content in question is at stake - slander "smears" the very name of companies. I'm here to shed some light on the matter, and to justify the wrongs made by such implications.

The Claims

Stating the DMCA notice type, there two copyright claims. The first claim concerns the pictures found on (this is a screenshot of, but the alleged screens are completely different. You can compare them by following the links below.

False copyright claim #1 Source:

The second claim involves pictures found on and websites, but the alleged screens and the one don't add up.

False copyright claim #1 Source:

What do we know about, and The first two sites affiliated with (here is my research) and owned by NetFix LLC scam essay company. NetFix LLC (and its essay service is a notorious essay writing company which provides disgusting writing services. I know this firsthand, because I myself was a victim of these nonprofessionals. You can find out more about in my review.

The latter site affiliated with - ruled by Universal Research Inc. - is another ill known service that was caught in papers reselling. You can learn more horrifying facts visiting page.

The point is that (NetFix LLC) and (Universal Research Inc.) are different companies. Why did the anonym include sites of different companies? I think in order to confuse me and that it was not so obvious who did it.

The only reason why such accusations took place is that these companies were reviewed, tested for quality, and compared to similar sites in the branch - the results, apparently, were not to their liking.

We have to be clear on this point - the alleged screenshots different from the original ones. I can only assume that this was supposed to be a sort of a shakedown, as there's little truth behind such bold accusations.

Allegations - true or false?

The spokesmen of refute the claims, and rightly so. Not a single screenshot was "stolen" or "borrowed", and not a single false accusation was made by this company.

Honesty is, apparently, not only offends, but provokes certain people into taking extreme measures. indeed evaluated the services provided by and essay writing services, and the truth is available for all to see online - these statements are backed by facts.

Who did it?

I can only assume that the plaintiffs were the spokesmen at or, but the fact that we're not certain what we're dealing with here makes this smear campaign all the more dubious.

Regardless of who started it, this campaign wages war on truth and facts. The intention behind reviewing such companies is simple - we dare to uncover and unveil those who would aspire to rise using malignant, sinister means at the expense of those unbeknown to them.


Make no mistake, this post is not one that is supposed to shield or alleviate the claims against - it's about showing what burden comes to those who know and share the truth.

If our voices are to be snuffed out at the expense of truth, is there any point in speaking out? I asked myself the same question right before I started writing, and i daresay that being truthful might hurt, and, more often than not, you'll be subjected to mistreatment, but it's better than keeping silent and pretending to be blind to whatever comes your way.

David Anderson is the founder of IHateWritingEssays. He hates the idea of companies baiting unsuspecting individuals with fraudulent services. Starting from school, he too, struggled to find a helping hand when it comes to writing assignments. Over time, he focused on publishing comprehensive reviews and helping students find reliable essay services. Thus, the review site came to be – serving as the "voice and the iron fist" of an industry expert.