Students from all the world are using online companies for their course assignments. But are custom essay writing services legal? The short answer is yes. Here are a few reasons why.

Reason #1

A credible essay writing service will always include terms of service on its website.

Terms of use outlines the conditions that clients have to agree to before using a product or service. So when students hire contractors from essay writing firms, they must consent to the sites' disclaimers. Still, the jury is out on whether all customers abide by this.

A typical disclaimer would insist that the papers a service produces are for research or reference purposes only. They absolve the company from any claims of plagiarism or dishonesty. That's how essay writing business works. It is thus up to the students who buy such products to use them ethically. That may include using the papers as a basis for their term papers or final exams. They can however submit them as their original work without even changing a word.

Reason #2

Trustworthy paper writing services just fulfill requests from their clients.

They do not claim to act as a stand-in for the student. The only work of every legit essay writing service is to provide material that helps customers to understand their coursework. This help is especially useful for people who have to cope with several responsibilities.

It's not surprising to find students holding part-time jobs so that they can cope with the high college costs. Others are even married. So they must create the time to attend to their families as well as schoolwork. Actually, there are many other reasons why students cheat.

Reason #3

Finally, most essay writing services do not transfer ownership of their papers to the buyer.

As the sole authors, they don't expect the client to put their names on the product they receive. No need to panic! In fact, every essay service customer support representative will confirm that you are the sole owner of the product. Then, it's just a question of your ethical principles.


In summary, here's a list showing what people assume essay writing services do in comparison to reality.

They help students to cheat.

Reality: They only supplement the research efforts of their clients. They give pointers to what students should look into to get a better grasp of subject matter.

They water down academic ethics.

Reality: In fact, they give their customers strict conditions that are meant to help them appreciate honesty and originality.

They make students lazy.

Reality: They can't substitute the hard work that students must put in to succeed in their coursework. They may help, yes, but it is up to the client to do the bulk of the studying.